Saturday, December 22, 2007

Myway Mapholder, get behind them!

If there is one idea that skiers should get behind this would be the first on the list, Mymap winner of ispo BrandNew Award.
"In today's complex ski resorts where the number of descents are increasing and the skier's need of finding the right path to explore the whole system is growing quickly, instant access to the ski map becomes a prerequisite. With myway map holder the skier has immediate access to the map, which can be viewed without any unfolding movements or hassle to avoid wind or rain. Myway map holder gives the skier a durable and waterproof map that is covered in a shell when not in use. The shell does not need to be opened in order to reveal the map; the skier merely pulls the map holder to the part of the map he wishes to view at the moment. When he is done studying the map, the map automatically returns into the waterproof shell. "
I can't see what the hold up is, big gloved fingers pawing at a folded map, impossible to open and once they get wet forget about it, shreds right away.

The best thing that I see with Mymap and you can say you read it here first, is once Electronic Paper takes off and you can power this little baby then it gets limitless. A GPS, speed, tracking, runs, altitude, decent, and even heart rate, you have to love technology, built in so that you can see where you are and not have to look for a sign on the trail head. Daylightagain, feel free to contact me anytime to use this idea.
Cheers and happy holidays!

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