Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Head Protection, Simple and Warm

Haven't taken the leap to wear a bulky helmet, to macho to think that you can get hurt. Well breath a sign of relief, Head Protect is for you.


It was in Haute-Nendaz, back in 1999.
During a further training course for skiing instructors we were informed of the increasing importance of head-gear protection in winter sport.

Over the following years I began with the development of a new kind of head protection. It was to be a warm, head-protecting woolen cap, a snazzy accessory, light and pleasant to wear.

Together with a motivated and competent team, we sere able to put our ideas into practice and present our first collection at the ISPO 2005."

Just remember this is not a helmet but will keep your melon warm and cozy. Hey something is better than nothing. Pick one up for the kids, just to go sledding.
Happy Holidays

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