Friday, December 28, 2012

Back in Stock: Poler Napsack | Swell Blog

This one is different, there seem to be many different sleeping bags, some worth the while some not. The Napsack, is different:

Are you sick of that puff jacket wasting half the storage space in your pack? This dual purposed camping gear combines function and style for today’s hip traveler. Hybrid sleeping bag/jacket keeps you covered when you pass out next to the campfire. Super essential for backpacking or weekend music festivals.

Cinch bottom for leg opening or insulated closure
Half zip front, zip closure armholes
Chest pocket with pass through headphone eyelet
drawstring cinch hoody
Soft microfiber interior, warm poly filler, Nylon shell
50 F degree weather rating
Medium: 4’6”-5’7”
Large: 5’7”-6’3”

Friday, December 21, 2012

AQUADIVE, Old is New Again!

Take a ride in the AQUADIVE time machine!

Your destination: Switzerland 1977

Your mission: Witness the birth of an iconic timepiece and an unforgettable piece of time

AQUADIVE is proud to be the only watch company in the world today to offer an updated NOS version of their vintage iconic timepieces. The soon to be released AQUADIVE NOS Model 77 (December 2012), is based on the iconic 70s design model, the 1977 AQUADIVE MARITIME.

The NOS Model 77 is a classic beauty, housed in a genuine NOS vintage case with a unique 70s Swiss design. only a limited quantity of these cases are still available in our inventory. The NOS Model 77 case is all original with beautiful sunburst S/S finishing and extremely durable PVD coating on the lower part of the case, In the 1970's, AQUADIVE would be one of very few companies who applied a layer of copper alloy to the case to make the PVD coating extremely durable. The original unidirectional rotating bezel has a black aluminum insert and operates on a very precise and solid 60 click mechanism. The model 77 case measures 40mm wide - excluding crown - and 46mm long, and has 22mm lugs. The NOS Model 77 is supplied on a specially designed NATO or rubber dive strap. The case, bezel, and case back and AS automatic movement are vintage genuine NOS parts originally manufactured in the mid 1970's in Switzerland. The crystal, gaskets, galvanized dial, hands, and ETA movements are all new Swiss made parts. The new 5mm thick crystal and gasket insure much higher depth rating than the original. So the NOS Model 77 case is now depth rated beyond 200m/660ft.

The modern black dial is a two piece galvanized and all SWISS made construction. The hands are a 100% reproduction of the original hands found in the vintage automatic version. The NOS self-winding 21 jewels Anton Schild movements are regulated to 20 seconds a day, due to age and features of this particular movement. They have all been disassembled, oiled, cleaned and serviced by our master watchmaker. They are the movements that were originally used in this case back in the mid to late 1970's. The vintage date wheels in the Anton Schild movement are white with red digits. Back in the 1970's, it was a common feature for date wheels in terms of legibility. So to stay true to the vintage heritage of this model, AQUADIVE did not switch the date wheels over to modern black versions on these vintage movements. With the modern ETA 2836 Elabore movements, the date wheel is black.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Patrol 24 ABS Avalanche Airbag Backpack


The North Face Patrol 24 ABS avalanche airbag pack enhances protection for winter pursuits in the backcountry. Its innovative airbag system helps prevent burial in an avalanche.

  • With a 95% success rate in real-world use, the ABS airbag system can significantly increase your odds of survival if caught in an avalanche
  • When activated, compressed nitrogen inflates 2 large airbags that help keep you on the surface of an avalanche; highly visible airbags create visual markers to speed rescue
  • ABS activation pull handle is positioned on the left shoulder strap for quick access and deployment when every second counts
  • Auto-grade airbag pack fabric, high-denier? internal materials, leg/body harness and a metal hipbelt buckle offer breaking resistance to help keep you attached to the pack
  • Panel-loading main compartment features internal pockets for organizing gear; large avalanche tool pocket features organization sleeves and a backcountry essentials checklist
  • Ski/snowboard carry system has been tested by athletes for simplicity and stability; it can be tucked away when not in use
  • Oversize, water-resistant YKK?® zippers are built to resist zipper failure and slider damage
  • The North Face Patrol 24 ABS avalanche airbag pack features a small top pocket and dual hipbelt pockets that keep snacks or other items at your fingertips

Friday, November 30, 2012

Urban Hauler

The age-old Japanese fishing bag concept gets a 21st century makeover. UpCycled® fabrics are state-of-the-art and decidedly green. An internal organizer pocket makes keeping track of smaller items a breeze, and the shoulder strap converts to a handy carry handle. Top gaitor closes tightly for overhead compatibility on plane.

  • Shoulder Strap Can Be Converted to Carry Handle
  • Storm Collar
  • Internal Organizer Pocket
  • Front Vertical Zip Pocket
  • Key Clip Attachment

Thursday, November 29, 2012


The Blank Slate mounts in your doorway in minutes with no damage to the wall.  Add your combination of climbing holds, hangboards, and accessories to the 17 standard t-nuts.  Attach your Smartphone or Tablet for work out entertainment.

  • Available in Light and Dark Stain, Vertical and Overhang
  • Assembles with 8 burly bolts
  • Slot mechanism allows for different door widths, trims and board height
  • Foam padding and felt prevent door trim damage
  • Climbing hold hex tool and holder included
  • Dimensions:  Crossbar: 42″  Board: 29 1/2″ x 19″
  • Doorway requires 10″ between the top of the door trim to the ceiling
  • Patent Pending
  • Holds and Hangboards sold separately
  • Hangboards
  • Holds
  • Rings
  • Anchors+Carabiners

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bounce Imaging

Bounce Imaging 
Every day, we ask first responders to enter hazardous, unseen spaces. Police around the world face an increasingly complex tactical environment. The rise of the “active shooter”, with recent incidents including Aurora and the Sikh Temple shooting, has meant that the regular patrol officer now faces “SWAT-like” situations without the training and equipment of specialized team. Bounce Imaging is developing systems to fill this need. In the coming months, Bounce Imaging will enter field testing with several police units in Massachusetts. Firefighters frequently must enter burning buildings searching for victims, putting their own lives on the line. While some larger departments have access to thermal imagers, such technologies are beyond the reach of most units. Bounce Imaging is developing low-cost sensor units that not only provide an image of a space, but also transmit relevant data like temperature and oxygen levels. Soldiers today face a range of threats and situations in which they must see around a corner, inside a compound, or down a tunnel or sewer system. Bounce Imaging is developing systems that will not only make life-saving technologies accessible to front-line infantry – they will also reduce the likelihood of civilian casualties. Search & rescue after a disaster is often a slow and difficult process. Bounce Imaging is developing sensors that will not only reduce the technical difficult of searching collapsed buildings, but will also help map the unfamiliar terrain of a post-disaster landscape. Bounce Imaging’s flexible sensor platform can also be adapted to more complex tasks, such as industrial inspection or Homeland Security container inspection.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


A great glove at a great price $85, this allows the ones who can't disconnect to connect no matter where they are. 


Designed with TouchTec™ technology - which allows for gloves-on use of touch screen devices - the Stormsensor™ glove adds a techy twist to high-performance, technical alpine gloves.

  • Water-repellent soft shell back-of-hand fabrication
  • Fleece-lined
  • TouchTec™ leather palm technology allows gloved use of touch-screen devices
  • Fully lined shell
  • Pre-curved, anatomical fit
  • Undercuff construction
  • Hook and loop closure Fabric- 100% nylon soft shell with 100% polyester back // Leather palm
  • Supple, durable, and water-resistant leather that utilizes patent-pending nanotechnology allowing accurate use of touch-screen mobile devices. Outdoor Research utilizes TouchTec™ leather in select skiing and mountaineering handwear.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Xterra Wetsuits Holiday Bundle

For a limited time, you can get a VORTEX Fullsuit or a VECTOR PRO Fullsuit plus:
  • Transition Backpack
  • Wetsuit Hanger
  • Race Belt
All for $199 or$279.
  • Enter HOLIDAY-VX in the Discount Code Box to get the VORTEX for $199.
  • Enter HOLIDAY-VP in the Discount Code Box to get the VECTOR PRO for $279. 
Triathletes Consider XTERRA Wetsuits To Be The #1 Triathlon Wetsuit Brand:
  • No Sales Tax Sales Tax only collected on Texas orders.
  • 30 Day Guarantee - Test your wetsuit and if it doesn't fit within 30 days, send it back to us and we'll exchange it for a different size or a refund.
  • Exceptional Service - Our customer service team is second to none. We work with triathletes and swimmers of all skill levels to find the perfect wetsuit. Any questions? Just call us (858.565.9500) or write us (

Monday, November 05, 2012

Petzl NAO | $175

Self-adjusting lighting

The integrated light sensor is oriented in the same direction as the eyes; it measures and analyzes reflected light in order to instantly and automatically adjust the headlamp's beam pattern (wide and/or focused) and light output to the user's needs.

image nao light sensor

For proximity lighting

When looking at an object at close range, for example when reading a map, tying a knot or setting up a tent, the beam is very wide and less powerful. Lighting adjusts automatically to the distance of the object

For mobility

When walking, running, etc., the beam is wide and has medium strength in order to illuminate obstacles in the path.

For distance vision

When raising the head to see into the distance, looking for a trail marker or an anchor on a climb, for example, the light output increases and becomes more focused.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Dodge Power Wagon, New Technology

It is hard after what has been happening the past week not to look at technology differently. This time how to recycle old bullet proof truck, with today's technology. Now the price might scare you, it will scare most, but you can't deny that this Power Wagon is on everyone's Holiday list.
Legacy Classic Trucks in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is using the 2012 SEMA Show to display the Legacy Power Wagon. As its name implies, the truck started life many, many years ago as a Dodge Power Wagon (built between 1945 and 1980 – not to be confused with the current version), itself based on an older military design. In stock form, the Power Wagon was much loved for its stalwart ability to carry people and products over just about any terrain.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Snap, GoPro3 HD, Silver Edition

Amazing when companies step it up, that is exactly what GoPro did with the #3, competition no more. Got to love it like Apple they might have been feeling the pressure and then whoop took it to another level.

Smaller, lighter with built-in Wi-Fi.

The HERO3: Silver Edition boasts the same high performance specs as the famous HD HERO2 camera it replaces, yet it has built-in Wi-Fi and is 30% smaller and 25% lighter. The HERO3: Silver Edition is wearable and gear mountable, waterproof to 197' (60m), and is capable of capturing ultra-wide 1080p 30 fps and 720p 60 fps video plus 11MP photos at a rate of 10 photos per second.

Smaller, Lighter...Better

Weighing in at a scant 2.6 ounces, the HERO3: Silver Edition is 25% lighter and 30% smaller than the HD HERO2 camera it replaces.

Professional Quality Video

The HERO3: Silver Edition captures professional quality video at 1080p-30, 720p-60, 960p-48 and WVGA-120 resolutions and frame rates.

Professional Quality Photos

The HERO3: Silver Edition captures 11MP still photos and has a burst capture rate of 10 frames per second. Time-lapse photo capture mode enables automatic photo capture at 0.5, 2, 5, 10, 30 and 60 second intervals.

Improved Sharpness, Less Distortion

The HERO3: Silver Edition's reduced-distortion aspherical lens combines with user-selectable 1080p Ultra-wide, Medium and Narrow field-of-views to deliver more perspective-capture options than are available on the White Edition camera. The totally updated flat-lens waterproof housing delivers stunning image sharpness both above and below water.

Redesigned Audio System

Understanding that sound quality sound is as important as image quality, GoPro engineers completely redesigned the HERO3: Silver Edition to be as adept at capturing the subtle, natural sounds of voice and music as it is at capturing the immersive sounds of sport. Also improved is GoPro's already famous wind-noise reduction, ensuring that you'll hear more of your passion, be it your engine or expletives, and less of the wind during high speed activities.

Built-in Wi-Fi

The HERO3: Silver Edition features built-in Wi-Fi and is compatible with both the Wi-Fi Remote (optional accessory) and the GoPro App. The Wi-Fi Remote (not included) is a waterproof, wearable remote control that can control up to 50 Wi-Fi-enabled GoPros at a time from a range of 600'. The HERO3: White Edition's built in Wi-Fi means it can also be controlled by iOS or Android smartphones and tablets running the GoPro App. The GoPro App enables full camera control and live scene preview on any compatible iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

The HERO3: Silver Edition is compatible with all GoPro mounting accessories and older generation BacPacs™ along with the newer generation LCD Touch BacPac and 2nd generation Battery BacPac. However, as all HERO3 cameras have a new size and shape they require HERO3-specific Wrist, Skeleton and 3D housings so be sure to check for HERO3 compatibility when purchasing any new housing accessories.

What's Included

  • HERO3: Silver Edition Camera
  • 197’/ 60m Waterproof Housing*
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • QR Buckle
  • J-Hook Buckle
  • 3-Way Pivot
  • 1 Curved Adhesive Mount
  • 1 Flat Adhesive Mount
  • Assorted Mounts and Hardware
  • USB Charging Cable

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Polar Beat

Are you getting everything you can out of your training?
Polar Beat for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 helps you understand your workout better so you can get more effective results. Together with the Polar H7 heart rate sensor Polar Beat is an exercise companion that is smarter than any other training app.
The most important part of your workout is the moment before you start.
Polar Beat helps you plan for the best results: choose a training target – for example, to burn calories or beat a time or distance record – and choose your exercise. It is suitable for any activity, indoors or out.
To get the most effective workout, you need to train at the right intensity.
Polar Beat and the Polar H7 heart rate sensor give you real-time graphical and voice guidance to keep you at the right intensity. Plus it tracks your distance, pace and route. Naturally you can listen to your iPhone’s music along the way.
See what you achieve with each workout – whether you improve your endurance, increase your strength, or burn fat.
When used with an H7 heart rate sensor, Polar Beat helps you understand the impact of your workout at different intensity levels and gives the most accurate calorie tracking of any app available.
Exercise is social, even when you do it alone.
Challenge yourself – or others- and shout out your results on Facebook and Twitter.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

These Goggles Film Your Daring Deeds From Right Between Your Eyes

Things just keep getting better, first the GoPro, still an amazing piece of equipment, now goggles that have video recording built in! 1080p video and 8 megapixel photos, from right between your eyes.
Zeal Optics introduced iON, now if they could make it for snow and MX that would be excellent.

NEW The iON by ZEAL is born out of the need to continually evolve and lead the industry through technology that does more than just exist, it redefines how you see the mountain.


Goggle Features
>> Anti-Fog Infused Lens Process
>> Impact Resistant Frame Technology
>> High Density Lens Technology
>> 100% UV Protection
>> Helmet Compatible
>> Dual Strap Adjustments
>> Optimum™ Lens

Camera Features

>> Captures 1080p & 720p HD quality video
>> Shoots 8 megapixel HD photos
>> 170-degree wide angle camera lens
>> Camera automatically adjusts for light levels and has infinity focus
>> Utilizes an in-goggle viewfinder
>> Controlled by glove-ready buttons on the side of the frame
>> Rechargeable lithium-ion battery has a three-hour run time, depending on usage
>> Easily integrates with all social media outlets to share your memories

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Contour 2


We took our most coveted features from the ContourROAM and the original Contour+ and created a camera that is not only easier to use, but brings an entirely new perspective to your adventures. Share beautiful 1080p HD video with speed, distance, and elevation across the social networks you use most. Featuring even better video quality, an Instant On-Record switch, and a 60-meter waterproof case for those underwater adventures, the Contour+2 will bring your stories to life like never before.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Contour 2 review: the best consumer helmet camera on the market -- Engadget

  • Contour+ helmet cam goes official, bringing 1080p video with wider viewing angle

  • Contour+ vs. GoPro HD Hero2: through the desert and into the skies

  • Contour's new mount, watersports kits help bring its cameras with you in the water, snow or dirt

  • Connectivity with the Contour line mostly happens courtesy of the same old Storyteller software, which remains little changed from before -- that is to say, it's kind of clunky and sluggish. But it's thankfully been granted some additional functionality that makes it rather more usable, especially on the sharing side.
    Before, if you wanted to share your Contour footage and include the GPS metadata -- map, altitude, speed and such -- you had to use a proprietary embed. You couldn't bake it right into the video itself. That changes with the +2. The new version of the software will let you add an overlay to the video showing the map, altitude and speed -- or, if you'd like to hide any of those figures, you can. You can choose which corner of the video contains the overlay and then push it straight to YouTube, if you like. You can also get a GPX export of the coordinates recorded by the camera, which can then be fed straight into any of a number of tracking applications, like Strava or Endomondo.
    The mobile apps have also been updated. Well, the iOS app has been updated -- the Android version will get a fix soon, we're told. With the iOS app you can still use it as a remote viewfinder, connecting over Bluetooth and getting a live stream of the footage to help you get the camera perfectly aligned. Now, though, you can start and stop the footage remotely. So, if you've mounted the camera somewhere out of reach, like the roof of your car, you can start or stop it without having to release your racing harness. (Or, you could just ask a member of your pit crew to do it for you.)

    Thursday, August 30, 2012

    Netatmo Weather Station for iPhone & iPad

    Everyone checks the weather, ok maybe not everyone, I do, all the time. Being a endurance athlete, being outside seems to be second nature, so knowing what is happening is key.
    Logging into is great but what is the weather and air quality like at your house. This is where netatmo shines. You can get inside and outside information.

    • Weather and Air Quality monitoring, indoor and outdoor .
    • Measure CO2 concentration and monitor confinement.
    • Get local Air Quality Index report, real-time.
    • The Netatmo Station measures indoor temperature, CO2 concentration, noise pollution and humidity.
    • Your Netatmo station also indicates the best moment to ventilate.
    • Your Netatmo Weather Station helps you decide about your activities.
    • Receive real-time alerts.
    • Discover weather patterns and cycles.
    • A comprehensive and powerful tool to understand your living environment.
    • You can install the App on any and all of your devices.
    • All of your data is stored online and permanently accessible.
    • Share the info on your favorite social networks.
    • Station's shell is constructed from a single piece of durable aluminum.
    • Lean and elegant design, made to last.
    Indoor module:45x45x155 mm / 1.8x1.8x6 inches
    Outdoor module:45x45x105 mm / 1.8x1.8x4.1 inches
    Single piece of durable aluminum shell. UV-resistant.
    Temperature (indoor):
    Ranges from:0°C to 50°C / 32°F to 122°F
    Accuracy:+- 0.3°C  / +- 0.54°F
    Temperature (outdoor):
    Ranges from:-40°C to 65°C / -40°F to 150°F
    Accuracy:+- 0.3°C  / +- 0.54°F
    Humidity (indoor and outdoor):
    Ranges from:0 to 100%
    Accuracy:+- 3%
    Ranges from:260 to 1260 mbar / 7.7 to 37.2 inHg
    Accuracy:+-1 mbar / +- 0.03 inHg
    CO2 meter (indoor):
    Ranges from:0 to 5000 ppm
    Accuracy:+- 50 ppm or +-5%
    Sound meter:
    Ranges from:35 dB to 120 dB
    US system:°F and inHg.
    Metric system:°C and mbar.
    Available from multiple devices, no storage limit.
    Record frequency:every 5 minutes.
    No subscription fee.
    App available on the App Store and on Google Play.
    Free access to your online personal dashboard.
    Wifi 802.11 b/g/n compatible.
    Supported security: Open/WEP/WPA/WPA2-personal (TKIP and AES).
    Wireless connection between modules:
    915 MHz or 868 MHz  long range 100m.
    Indoor module powered by USB wall adapter.
    Outdoor module powered by 4 AAA batteries (up to 1 year autonomy).
    Detailed 7-days weather forecast.
    Outdoor air quality indexAvailable in the U.S. and Europe.
    Light indicator for direct CO2 reading.
    Accessible from multiple devices
    One indoor station.
    One outdoor module.
    USB cable for wall adapter or desktop set up: 1.5 m / 5 feets.
    USB wall adapter.
    Wall-mount kit for outdoor module.
    4 AAA batteries.
    Wifi router and internet access.
    Public hotpots not supported.
    iPhone 4S
    iPhone 4
    iPhone 3GS - requires iOS 4
    iPhone 3G - requires iOS 4
    iPad (3rd generation)
    iPad 2
    iPad - requires iOS 4
    iPod touch (4th generation)
    iPod touch (3rd generation) - requires iOS 4
    iPod touch (2nd generation) - requires iOS 4
    Android 2.3.4 or higher
    FCC and CE
    Librairies we use

    Tuesday, August 28, 2012

    TufRack, Indistrucktable, A Great Color As Well!

    Rack Specs:
    Laser cut 16-gauge steel
    MIG welded
    Powder coated
    Industrial-grade ratchet strap rated to 500lbs
    1/8 plate strap brackets
    Receiver piece – .238 wall receiver tubing plus one receiver pin
    Hitch – zinc plated 1/8 2×2 rectangular HSS tubing plus one receiver pin

    Tough like a tank, yet still on average 25% lighter than the competition’s tray style racks. Built with pride using only North American materials, Tuf Rack is guaranteed indestructible. And the Tuf Rack is modular, which means numerous racks can be attached inline on your vehicle.

    Our racks feature a simple user friendly design that is as strong as it is easy to use. A hitch bar attaches using a hitch pin, the racks then slide on and are also held in place by hitch pins. In order to hold the bike securely in it’s tray, a custom ratchet strap drapes over the top tube ensuring that your ride isn’t going anywhere.

    Due to the rack’s modular design, we can even custom make hitch pieces to suit specific vehicles and applications. No matter what your ride, we’ve got you covered.

    Friday, July 27, 2012

    Zeo Sleep Manager Pro

    Zeo Sleep Manager Pro

    The Zeo Pro+ Sleep Management System tracks the quality of your sleep and then gives you a personalized assessment* and expert advice* to help you improve it. The Zeo Pro + is perfect for global travelers.

    The Zeo Pro + includes:

    Wireless headband with Softwave sensor
    Premium charge dock
    Extended 2 year warranty
    US and International power adapters.
    Compatible with both iOS & Android.

    Monday, July 23, 2012

    GolfSense Store — Product

    GolfSense is the world's first portable three dimensional sensor system designed to deliver real-time feedback and analysis of your golf swing. The patented high velocity motion engine uses data from 4 discrete MEMS sensors inside the device to accurately calculate club speed, club position, swing tempo, and swing path. The revolutionary and free mobile app allows you to analyze each segment of your swing from any angle.
    Simply connect GolfSense to your mobile device via bluetooth, and let the fun begin. The application can be set to automatically capture and save every swing in rapid succession or just the ones you select with a simple press of the yellow button. Turn on "impact detection" and GolfSense will ignore your practice swings and only log those that pertain to actual ball contact.  It's easy, fun, automatic, and awesome!
    Review any single swing, or compare two separate swings at once within the application.  GolfSense is not only a product, but it's a platform that will soon allow you to compare your swings to many others including professionals and coaches.