Friday, August 30, 2013

Brakeboard gives skateboarders a brake!

The Brakeboard is a skateboard truck (axle) with a built-in brake system. It allows for powerful and controllable stopping and smooth speed control down steep descents.
Until now, stopping or controlling a skateboard down any hill at speed has been a challenge. Foot braking and power-sliding require a high level of riding skill. With the Brakeboard, all riders can enjoy controlled hill descents, either by maintaining a velocity continuously or simply braking from speed at a hill's end.
The brakes fit any longboard and can retro-fit your existing board. They ride like any normal truck retaining the regular turning abilities. Pushing and sliding are also not affected by the brake. You can even use your existing longboard wheels.
The Brakeboard is an excellent way to introduce yourself to the sport of longboarding and, for the initiated, it adds a further dimension to riding.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Garmin, VIRB™ Elite, Could Kill the GoPro
Hard to say that anything could get ahead of the GoPro, but the Garmin, VIRB could be just that. It's a bit more expensive, $400 but really, this is the next evolution to Sports cameras

True 1080p HD Action Camera Made Easier with Wi-Fi® and GPS

  • 1080p HD video recording with 16 megapixel CMOS image processor
  • Chroma™ display: color, high-resolution; easier control of setup, playback and adjustments
  • High-sensitivity GPS, accelerometer and barometric altimeter
  • Wi-Fi connectivity; use with free mobile applications for iPhone® and Android™
  • Rechargeable, 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery, record up to 3 hours at 1080p
he VIRB Elite is a true HD 1080p action camera that combines enhanced HD video recording with Wi-Fi capability and advanced GPS functions like preset recording profiles. For example, the Ski profile automatically records during the run but pauses when you get to the bottom. VIRB Elite features a built-in 1.4” Chroma color display that stays on when the camera is on, but uses minimal power. The display lets you easily setup/preview/playback video and adjust menu settings without detaching it from its mount. Record at 1080p for up to 3 hours with the rechargeable lithium-ion battery. And video enhancement features like Digital Image Stabilization and Lens Distortion Correction ensure footage looks great, even before you start editing.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Unfold, Add Water, Have Fun! Oru Kayak

What's really to say, folds into a nice, little big, messenger bag. Now I am sure there are limits to where and what you should really go out in, but for the easy going, take a nice paddle up the coast this is perfect. Storage, well fold up stick in a corner of the garage and well, all done.

We’re a new company dedicated to unlocking the wonder and discovery of the great outdoors— even for city dwellers.
At Oru Kayak, we believe that spending time outdoors makes people happier, healthier, and more productive. Our products offer a way to explore and connect with the natural world—even when you live in a city. We hope your Oru Kayak journeys are as fun and fulfilling as ours have been.
Designer and founder Anton Willis grew up in rural Mendocino County, with easy access to rivers, lakes, and the ocean. In 2008, a move into a small San Francisco apartment forced his fiberglass kayak into storage. Inspired by an article on new advances in the art and science of origami, he sketched a few ideas for a folding kayak. Sketches turned into countless paper models, and over 20 full-scale prototypes. After user-testing on dozens of bays, lakes, rivers and oceans, Oru Kayaks are ready to explore the world.
Ardy Sobhani is a co-founder and business strategist with a strong background in business and startup operations. He has over ten years of experience helping companies set goals, achieve financial targets, and run operations. 

Monday, August 05, 2013

North Shore Racks, 6 Bike, Bike Rack!

Finally a rack capable of carrying 6 bikes. The ultimate incarnation of our NSR series of racks. Incredibly compact, this rack uses our patented technology to carry up to 6 mountain bikes in an amazingly efficient way. Adjustable in height, layback and setback it will fit virtually any full size SUV or truck, right out of the box. Maximum weight is now 300lbs and for heavy duty 2" receiver hitches only. Our 6-bike rack protrudes less than a 4 bike tray rack, and does not block the stop lights on most full sized vehicles. Something to consider with your expensive bikes behind. Note: not compatible with fork mounted fenders: not intended for road bikes: check with hitch manufacturer for compatibility (must be heavy duty class IV/V hitch). Now includes locking anti-rattle hitch pin (lock may not fit some hitches ie late model Toyotas).

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Lezyne Drive Pro

Simple, looking like a light from a Model T, this light is perfect and portable. Clip and go.
The lens is made of high-grade optical material and serves as an activation button that cycles through four flash and one solid mode. The CNC machined aluminum body makes the Drive a durable and weather resistant light. The Composite Matrix back plate can be unscrewed to replace the two CR2032 disposable batteries. The multi-position silicon rubber strap attaches directly to the back plate to secure the light to a wide range of handlebar and seat tube diameters.
The price seems to be right anywhere from $14-$28. 

AWA - Another Exciting Fitness Gadget!

This lil thing will make you a pro!

Following the trend of wearable fitness trackers, the AWA sport sensor goes beyond the functionality of wrist-bound devices and makes it possible to record and compare physical data from almost any of your favorite sports. Composed of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, it can be attached to anything from a shoe to a fencing sabre and is lightweight enough that the user won’t even notice it. Automatically synced wirelessly to your phone, it provides up-to-the-minute stats of your strength, speed and more!