Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Unfold, Add Water, Have Fun! Oru Kayak

What's really to say, folds into a nice, little big, messenger bag. Now I am sure there are limits to where and what you should really go out in, but for the easy going, take a nice paddle up the coast this is perfect. Storage, well fold up stick in a corner of the garage and well, all done.

We’re a new company dedicated to unlocking the wonder and discovery of the great outdoors— even for city dwellers.
At Oru Kayak, we believe that spending time outdoors makes people happier, healthier, and more productive. Our products offer a way to explore and connect with the natural world—even when you live in a city. We hope your Oru Kayak journeys are as fun and fulfilling as ours have been.
Designer and founder Anton Willis grew up in rural Mendocino County, with easy access to rivers, lakes, and the ocean. In 2008, a move into a small San Francisco apartment forced his fiberglass kayak into storage. Inspired by an article on new advances in the art and science of origami, he sketched a few ideas for a folding kayak. Sketches turned into countless paper models, and over 20 full-scale prototypes. After user-testing on dozens of bays, lakes, rivers and oceans, Oru Kayaks are ready to explore the world.
Ardy Sobhani is a co-founder and business strategist with a strong background in business and startup operations. He has over ten years of experience helping companies set goals, achieve financial targets, and run operations.