Friday, August 30, 2013

Brakeboard gives skateboarders a brake!

The Brakeboard is a skateboard truck (axle) with a built-in brake system. It allows for powerful and controllable stopping and smooth speed control down steep descents.
Until now, stopping or controlling a skateboard down any hill at speed has been a challenge. Foot braking and power-sliding require a high level of riding skill. With the Brakeboard, all riders can enjoy controlled hill descents, either by maintaining a velocity continuously or simply braking from speed at a hill's end.
The brakes fit any longboard and can retro-fit your existing board. They ride like any normal truck retaining the regular turning abilities. Pushing and sliding are also not affected by the brake. You can even use your existing longboard wheels.
The Brakeboard is an excellent way to introduce yourself to the sport of longboarding and, for the initiated, it adds a further dimension to riding.