Thursday, September 05, 2013


Christopher Ward, Has done it right!
This is the watch, you can have many others but this watch is it! Powerful, strong, elegant, simple, you could keep going.  Try not to be fooled by the $1,030, price tag, this watch is worth much more than that. Save up this will be your go to watch. Omega, has held that honor for years, in my book, but wow you can't deny this watch it's due!

Given that amateur geologist William Gregor discovered titanium in Cornwall in 1791, you might have expected us to have introduced this strong and lustrous metal into our range before now.

However, it was worth the wait. The C11 Elite is a true titan of a diving watch and is guaranteed to win admiration and admiring glances in equal measure.

With the strength of steel, but 45% lighter, combining with remarkable anti-corrosive properties (particularly against sea water), titanium could have been created for use in diving watches. When you add the precision engineering of one of the best and most attractive cases available, incorporating an internal countdown bezel, to the finest Swiss made helium release valve and a design that oozes with stylish authority, you begin to understand why our resident diver, Chris, is drooling over this particular watch.

Only 500 C11s in this colour combination will ever be produced which will make this legend-in-waiting even more desirable if thats possible?