Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Real World Muscles - Natural Exercises

Remember being a kid, you played and played outside until your were called in for dinner. It was the best, your were building your core muscle group and you didn't even know it. You watch these reality shows and say to yourself I could do that. Well now is the time to put up or shut up. Get into shape the real way, use the muscle the way that you would in the real world. Climb ropes, pushups, monkey bars, rings, kettleBells, jump rope, Indo Boards (balance), no weight machines, no treadmills real world exercises with personal trainers that run you ragged.
Problem with machines and gyms as they are set up today is that you push and pull in a straight line. Well life does not come at you in a straight line. You want a body that can handle the abuse and when you need to cut it won't let you down.
Check out the wave that is coming on strong. Monkey Bar Gym, P.S. I am looking for investors so that I can open one up as well, please contact me email in the blog (spam).

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