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Friday, October 21, 2011

New Vision, Kayak!

Interesting take on Kayaking. I see that the body is secure but how about the legs. Design is wonderful and if this could transform into a workable solution I am all for it, especially when surfing in the waves.
Freestyle kayaking is a relatively young offshoot of the canoe sport, where athletes perform maneuvers similar to those of skaters, snowboarders or surfers. This freestyle kayak design by David Laudert aims to improve upon the ergonomics, appearance, and overall user connection to the kayak. The athlete “fuses” with the hull and is fully supported within the interior without the use of straps that normally hold an athlete in place, relieving the fear of getting stuck under the boat in the event that it turns over and simultaneously enhancing the adrenaline-pumping experience.
Designer: David Laudert

Friday, September 30, 2011

Carver Bike Surf Racks

Biking to the beach, that is dedication. It also shows the true free spirit, living simply. Well Carver Surf Racks , is dedicated to just that, getting you to the beach, being green. 

All aluminum constructions are the Carver Surf Racks product. Born on the North Shore of Hawaii, Carver Surf Racks has evolved into the industry standard for bicycle, residential surfboard transportation and rack systems. Our new "Kompact System" is a feature not to be overlooked. It conveniently stows your surf rack out of the way when not in use....
 Mounts to Seatposts 25mm to 31.8mm
 Tig welded 6061 Alloy
 Great for Full Suspension Mountain Bikes
CSR Mini Installation
The Carver Surf Rack Mini is small but strong enough for boards up to 8'0". Unlike other brands, this surf rack mounts via the seat post as not to crush, scratch or mar your nice bike frame. Also this feature allows you to mount this surf rack onto mountain bikes, full suspension bikes, and bicycles with unusual frame tube shapes.

Loosen 5mm bolts with 5mm allen wrench
 Open Clamp
 Snug bolts back on clamps around seat post
 Put surf rack on slight angle towards the rear wheel
 Insert carrier arms into clamps
 Adjust carrier arms to desired width and tighten all bolts snugly
Check push pins
Go Surf!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

keeping Heated while surfing. Rip Curl's H-Bomb

So things are heating up, Rip Curl has up the anti and made surfing a year round activity or at least the ability to keep you in the water longer.
The H-Bomb uses 2 lithium-ion 7.4 volt batteries they are rechargeable and last for 3 hours. The idea is simple a heating elements placed on your back warm up your core, allowing your heart to pump warm blood to your extremities.
The whole suit is made from E3 neoprene, lightest, warmest and most flexible neoprene. Their is a Fireskin lining that will wick the water away from your body and combines with the heaters to keep you warm.
Final a chest zip entry, moving it off to the side so not to impede your comfort while paddeling for a wave.

Way to Go Rip Curl - H-Bomb

Friday, May 30, 2008

Surfers Healing, A Foundation for Autism

Autism has been on the rise every year and now reports suggest 1 in every 150 American children, and almost 1 in 94 boys will be born with a form of Autism. If you are into the outdoors and if you are reading this blog there is a good chance you are, surfing is one activity that brings the sense of freedom and relaxation to mind. Well Sufers Healing Autism is one great cause.

"Surfers Healing was founded by Israel and Danielle Paskowitz. Their son, Isaiah, was diagnosed with autism at age three. Like many autistic children, he often suffered from sensory overload-- simple sensations could overwhelm him. The ocean was the one place where he seemed to find respite.
A former competitive surfer, Israel hit upon an idea--with Isaiah on the front of his surfboard, and Izzy steering from the back, the two spent the day surfing together. Surfing had a profound impact on Isaiah. Israel and Danielle decided they wanted to share this unique therapy with other autistic children. They began to host day camps at the beach where autistic children and their families could be exposed to a completely new experience of surfing."

Please check it out!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Relax, enjoy some old time sidewalk surfing.

Sometimes leaving the iPhone or Blackberry behind is not such a bad idea. The Arbor Pocket Rocket allows you to do just that. Arbor brings back memories of when you were a kid assuming you were born in the late 1960 early 70's, just cruising around waiting for your mom to call you in for dinner.
It has Gullwing trucks and a bamboo deck, for those thinking to much about the environment while you should be enjoying the day letting all trouble float away.
"The Pocket Rocket is a compact mini cruiser built for snappy, thread-the-needle maneuverability and all around stashability. Made from 100% top quality bamboo, an amazingly renewable, environmentally friendly material. It's incredibly strong; yet light, flexible, and resistant to compression. Resilient with a clean, Zen flavor. Length: 26"; Wide Point: 7.25"; Wheel Base: 14"; Wheels: 65mm-78a"; Trucks: Gullwing 9"; Shape: Concave. Arbor."

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wooden Surfboards, a not so thing of the past.

With Clarks Foam stopping the production of the surfboard blanks, were will boards come from. Well a not so thing of the past, wooden boards. Hess Surf Boards are cranking out wooden boards and they are just as good and will last longer than foam filled (they can send me one anytime). The timeless art of making boards and the quality that goes into making a wooden board is not much different, once you get the pieces of different wood together. Once that is done shaping time. Technology can make many things better but the classic wooden board will make time stand still. Hey since GREEN is a hot topic well this meets all standards.
The weather is upon us.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Collapsible Surfboard

Space has become tight and finding a place to put all your stuff is a problem. With surf boards you need at least 6 feet of space and that in anyones home is hard to come by. Well Nicholas Notara, has come up with a great idea, the Collapsible Surfboard. Now I don't think that this is for the die hard rip and shred crowd but the weekend warrior or someone that just want to look cool, you might want to check this out.
"This carbon-fiber board has been carefully designed to maintain the balance and weight of its traditional counterpart, but with the help of two pins and a quick release lever can halve in size. A hot-swappable fin system completes the board with style and presents a viable concept that may make a surfboard purchase not such a bad idea."
Surf's Up

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stick to it! Sucky Bag

Things like this seem like a no brainier, simple yet unbelievably useful. From sailing to kayaking to surfing to snowboarding, any water sports, the list keeps going. The Sucky Bag has a QuickSilver logo but it's not on their site.
Here are some of the features:
  • Lever-operated suction cups - attach and detach in seconds.
  • 100% water tight inner compartment.
  • Floats if dropped in water.
  • Works on all flat airtight surfaces, makes it possible to carry your belongings in ways you’ve never done before.
  • Silicone based rubber cups for all weather conditions.
  • Inside compartment is lined with foam fabric for added protection.
  • Neoprene bottom protects your board from being scratched.
Use it to for your money, mobile phone, snacks or anything you can shove in it. You can even use it on travel since the suction will stick to any flat surface. Hang it on your bathroom mirror as a functional toiletry bag or inside your school locker.
Check it out! Sucky Bag