Friday, May 09, 2008

Relax, enjoy some old time sidewalk surfing.

Sometimes leaving the iPhone or Blackberry behind is not such a bad idea. The Arbor Pocket Rocket allows you to do just that. Arbor brings back memories of when you were a kid assuming you were born in the late 1960 early 70's, just cruising around waiting for your mom to call you in for dinner.
It has Gullwing trucks and a bamboo deck, for those thinking to much about the environment while you should be enjoying the day letting all trouble float away.
"The Pocket Rocket is a compact mini cruiser built for snappy, thread-the-needle maneuverability and all around stashability. Made from 100% top quality bamboo, an amazingly renewable, environmentally friendly material. It's incredibly strong; yet light, flexible, and resistant to compression. Resilient with a clean, Zen flavor. Length: 26"; Wide Point: 7.25"; Wheel Base: 14"; Wheels: 65mm-78a"; Trucks: Gullwing 9"; Shape: Concave. Arbor."