Tuesday, May 13, 2008

RUSH, Action Camera

Camera's, camera's everywhere and yet we have another one. The RUSH by Martin Ruegg hopes to better the odds of more people capturing stupid, sometimes useful footage. Hey for training and finding where you might be doing something wrong video camera's are great, still they are better for capturing going over the handlebars or even your Mate taking a dive.
"An innovative sport camera for unlimited action during all kinds of sport. The camera is waterproof and has a shock-resistant body. The quintessence of RUSH is the multifunctional attachment tool, composed of three specific parts. In order to activate the camera in any situation, the trigger is placed at the finger and can be pressed with your thumb.
The idea behind this design is to motivate people who enjoy sports to experiment. RUSH hopes to inspire users to experience the dynamics of sports from a unique perspective.
A project by Martin Ruegg."