Thursday, May 08, 2008


OK summer is almost here and what better way to kick it off, no matter what your age, then a SUPER SOAKER. There are so many models to choose from, but when they start to look like Paintball guns you have to appreciate getting wet. Store up as many 2 Liter bottles as possible fill them with water and when one runs out screw your reserve on. No more running to a pool of water or facet to get things going again.
"Make almost any plastic bottle (not included) your water supply! No more trips to the hose for a recharge – fill as many plastic bottles as you can carry with clean, clear tap water. Attach bottles (up to two liters!) to the blaster and launch a soaking blast to targets up to 20 feet away with every pump! It’s non-stop soaking fun, anytime, anywhere!"
Also at $7.99 you can't lose just don't buy that triple shot mochachino at Starbucks for one day and problem solved.