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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kettle Barbecue in Blue by Sagaform

Not all workouts are meant for the gym. Sagaform's kettlebell grill is keeping you honest even when you are away from the gym. Comes in pink, green and blue. Not much more to say, summers here.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Relax, enjoy some old time sidewalk surfing.

Sometimes leaving the iPhone or Blackberry behind is not such a bad idea. The Arbor Pocket Rocket allows you to do just that. Arbor brings back memories of when you were a kid assuming you were born in the late 1960 early 70's, just cruising around waiting for your mom to call you in for dinner.
It has Gullwing trucks and a bamboo deck, for those thinking to much about the environment while you should be enjoying the day letting all trouble float away.
"The Pocket Rocket is a compact mini cruiser built for snappy, thread-the-needle maneuverability and all around stashability. Made from 100% top quality bamboo, an amazingly renewable, environmentally friendly material. It's incredibly strong; yet light, flexible, and resistant to compression. Resilient with a clean, Zen flavor. Length: 26"; Wide Point: 7.25"; Wheel Base: 14"; Wheels: 65mm-78a"; Trucks: Gullwing 9"; Shape: Concave. Arbor."

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Ice Box - Igloo maker

All the technology and innovations can't keep a good kid down. Building Igloos is one of the best winter time activities that one can do, and it last (as long as it is cold) for a long time, weeks. Well Grand Shelters has come up with a sure fire, long lasting helping solution to building a snow shelter.
Here is what Grand Shelters is saying:
The ICEBOX® igloo construction tool is used for igloo building by creating sequential blocks in place. You set the clamps on the form then fill it while packing. after you have filled it you unclamp it and slide it to the next position. A pole with 8 adjustments, 1 for each layer is used to build igloos with the correct catenary shape and to help support the weight of the snow and form while packing the snow. After finishing 6 rows of the igloo you remove the outside of the form as the wall is now leaning in far enough so the snow can be packed from the outside. The snow only needs to hold its form well enough to stay in place until you start the next block. 8 total rows are built including the final cap.

It seems great, the only draw back is the price, yes it is reusable but $179.95 is a bit steep for those of us just wanting to play, hey maybe they will send me one to try out, you never know.
Ice Box

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stick to it! Sucky Bag

Things like this seem like a no brainier, simple yet unbelievably useful. From sailing to kayaking to surfing to snowboarding, any water sports, the list keeps going. The Sucky Bag has a QuickSilver logo but it's not on their site.
Here are some of the features:
  • Lever-operated suction cups - attach and detach in seconds.
  • 100% water tight inner compartment.
  • Floats if dropped in water.
  • Works on all flat airtight surfaces, makes it possible to carry your belongings in ways you’ve never done before.
  • Silicone based rubber cups for all weather conditions.
  • Inside compartment is lined with foam fabric for added protection.
  • Neoprene bottom protects your board from being scratched.
Use it to for your money, mobile phone, snacks or anything you can shove in it. You can even use it on travel since the suction will stick to any flat surface. Hang it on your bathroom mirror as a functional toiletry bag or inside your school locker.
Check it out! Sucky Bag

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Exergaming, keeping or getting kids active

Well this blog and most of the post are about getting you out and exercising. Well one of this countries biggest problem is Obesity, and with ideas like this, we might have a chance (I am still in favor or getting your butt and kids butts outside). Xrkade is taking all the interactive games and putting them into an environment that is condusive to exercising, not ot mention competition.

"The XRKade club is a new and exciting destination created for the Millennials and Generation G (“Gamers”). It is a cutting edge environment focused on offering the tech-savvy an immersive sensory based experience complete with the most advanced interactive games, exergaming, and entertainment systems. The XRKade club resembles a virtual reality type arcade with a futuristic, urban, and X games twist that is motivating and exciting. It is an experience offering entertaining and physical challenges that completely submerges the user in the XRKade games and activities. It motivates the user to be active with each activity and game they play while receiving the benefits of being physically active"

Not sure it will take off, but with winter coming it is a good time to launch and open places around the country. They should just rent space in areas for the winter then move to resort towns during the summer, so when it is raining or cold, kids have something to do. Give me a call we can work out the marketing of this offline.

You have something great. Xrkade

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

easyglider, Get out and Get Around!

Hey sometimes fitness can include a motor! easyglider a company out of Bern, Switzerland, has come up with a great alternative to the Segway, plus it is faster. Yes it uses gas but those are some of the trade-off one has to make, to be stylish. It won the Best Invention and the Industrial Design Award, cool, and as they say "We are very proud to say that we have won them all."
They have 3 products:
easyglider X6
easyglider KIDS
easyglider ECO
and two in the works
easyglider WATER
easyglider X7

So this is really sidewalk surfing. Glide anywhere to the beat of your own drummer. The best part of this is getting you outside. I am all in favor of any product that gets people outside, the could however make one that is rechargeable, might not take so many hits from the environmental crowd if they had one in their stable.
Check it out! easyglider

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Time for some Summer Fun, Springfree

When I was a kid my summer camp had a gymnastics area, and a trampoline. The best thing that the camp did was dug a pit so that the tramp was at ground hight, allowing for the kids and instructors to spot much easier. I have always wanted a trampoline for myself but the round ones never did anything for me, plus they were dangerous without someone spotting you at all times. The benefits of trampolines are incredible.

"The aerobics associated with jumping on a fitness trampoline strengthens the heart in the same way as other cardio exercises like running and jumping rope. This increase in cardio rate encourages energy use and weight loss. Spending five to eight minutes doing trampoline exercise is like running a mile, only with less time and effort. Trampoline exercise tones muscles in the lower half of the body. The legs, thighs, hips, stomach, and abdomen are all used when exercising on a fitness trampoline. The trampoline workout can also be a fun activity for all the family, it is fun to watch and once you learn how to use it properly you can also contribute your opinion, and improve the workout altogether." John Furnem

So when I came across SpringFree Trampoline I did back flips. SpringFree has really done a great job of putting safety first and fun second. Now you would think those two would not be fun but seeing is believing. SoftEdge Technology
Over a period of twelve years, the Springfree™ Trampoline engineering team has created a unique softe-edge jumping system that has removed the traditional frame and spring system from the same height as the jumping surface. The frame has been lowered, well away from the jumper, with all-weather fibreglass rods , which extend from this frame into an innovatve connector system at the edge of the mat. The rods are angled on two axis, tensioning the mat to provide bounce, while also creating a soft edge that is deflected on impact. Only Springfree™ trampolines have an edge soft enough not to require safety pads.

As a parent, your family’s safety is a priority! Springfree™ Trampoline is safe by design, giving you complete peace of mind.

Child obesity is a big problem. Most kids spend too much time watching TV or playing video games, so it’s really important to get outside and active. Springfree™ Trampoline is great, fun exercise! Ten minutes of jumping is as good as a 30-minute run—and way more fun!

Springfree™ Trampoline isn’t just a notch above all other trampoline products—we’ve taken quality, safety and innovation to the next level. Lots of thought goes into our designs to make every Springfree™ Trampoline sturdy, strong and weather-resistant.

We’ve reinvented the trampoline without compromising the fun. Springfree™ Trampoline is hours of fun! No more “I’m bored” means more free time for mum and dad—and with the coolest trampoline ever, you’ll be a real hero!

Jumping is key to your child’s mental and physical development. Springfree™ Trampoline helps accelerate the progress of your child’s motor skills, balance, and coordination, making them more confident all round.

With minimal maintenance requirements, ease of use, and of course, fast and easy purchase options, Springfree™ Trampoline is as convenient to own as it is fun to use!
Check them out! SpringFree Trampoline