Saturday, October 20, 2007

Airbag for Avalanche's, SnowPulse

Ever wondered if you could escape a avalanche, you've watch the videos, seen countless people escape by hanging onto a tree, you have the Avalanche Beacon, but still not sure you could make it. Well hang tight here come a airbag for snow! Works like you think it would, one you are in the "bad" situation you pull the handle and like if you where under water, the bag inflates and the cream rises to the top.

The Life Bag is an airbag for avalanche designed for all winter sport addicts, and professionals. The airbag is triggered manually by pulling a handle. Once the handle is pulled, the 150 Liters of the Snowpulse airbag inflate in only 3 seconds.

The Life Bag can easily be reused and refilled. Professionals and resellers have the possibility to refill the air cylinder themselves. Training is therefore possible since you simply have to refill the cylinder after trying your Snowpulse airbag.

The Life Bag is designed to bring you the best protection, while still remaining light, compact and user friendly. Snowpulse airbags are a set of innovative solutions.

Hey you never know! SnowPulse

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