Tuesday, October 16, 2007

There's a reason they call it, Slice!

We did not get to see what Faris Al-Sultan could do on the bike, but indications were for a fast bike. Cannaondale went back to the drawing board and crafted a fully carbon machine. With some Carbon bikes they will flex under pressure and many who can put the power to the peddles, feel as though this takes some speed away, Faris Al-Sultan being one of them. At first he was against Cannondale and the full carbon, but once in the tunnel and riding the machine, happy days.

The bike:
The frame and the fork of the Slice are designed as a system. The aspect ratio of the fork is designed for optimal laminar airflow, reducing drag.

The Speed Shadow seat tube design hides the rear wheel from turbulent airflow.

Allows both triathletes and TT specialists to optimize their position. Centered on the post, the saddle achieves either 78 or 730 and can be adjusted forward or back to accommodate rider preference.

Cannondale has demo centers set up, so get on one and check it out, the wait for Ironman Kona showdown will have to wait till next year.
Check it out! Cannaondale, Slice

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