Monday, September 21, 2009

ABS-Avalanche Airbag

Fall is upon us and that means switching gears, mountain biking, trail running, and yes skiing starts to creep in the picture. Well feel a little more secured with the ABS-Avalanche Airbag system, wears like a back pack, then pull to inflate.

Once activated, the ABS equalizes the volume and density of the victim relative to the surrounding snow by working on the principle of "inverse particles" .

...and you are ontop within 2 seconds.

As with a life vest in the water, the victims swims on the surface of the avalanche. The added volume of 150 liters has been calculated to be needed for cold, dry and loose snow. If the snow is denser, wetter and heavier less volume is needed. The statistics show that all victims carried down by a moving avalanche stayed on top and survived the incident (see the statistics) .

So be safe get prepared and hey have an advantage if you are playing out of bounds.