Monday, August 20, 2007

Poalr ProTrainer 5

Well if you have an IrDA (infrared) Polar Watch then this new and improved software is for you.
"Polar ProTrainer 5 is a sophisticated software designed to provide you with deep understanding of your training. It ships exclusively with Polar’s high-end Running, Cycling, and Outdoor Sport products, and functions as a stand-alone Windows software in a PC.

Use the software to plan your workout in advance with multiple planning options, and transfer the settings to your Polar product. After your training, analyze the results with versatile graphs which you can customize according to your unique needs.

A customizable calendar provides a complete training log where each transferred exercise file automatically creates a diary entry with all your training data. Use different reports for long-term development follow-up.

Polar ProTrainer 5 professional software is compatible with:

• Polar CS600 (included in set)
• Polar CS400 (included in set)
• Polar RS800 (included in set)
• Polar RS400 (included in set)
• Polar AXN700 (included in set)
• Polar AXN500 (included in set)
• Polar S810i / S810
• Polar S725X / S625X (included in set)
• Polar S725
• Polar S720i / S710i / S710
• Polar S610i / S610
• Polar S520 / S510
• Polar S410
• Polar Team System"
You can even try it out for 30 days. The only problem that I had with the software is getting the IrDA to recognize the watch. I had to go into the startup (F2) when windows started up. For some reason Dell disables this function. Once I turned it on Vista downloaded the drivers and it now works seamless. So don't go and buy the USB IrDA from polar without seeing if you have infrared built in.
Check it out! Polar Watch

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