Friday, August 31, 2007

Garmin Edge 705, Wireless Cycle Computer

Wow times are moving fast in the GPS world. Not only fast, but small and carrying a truck load of features. The Edge 705 pulls out all the stops, this GPS-enabled cycle computer knows no limits. Get heart rate, cadence, turn-by-turn directions, power data (from ANT + Sport™-enabled third-party power meters) — the works. Even share your data with other Edge 705 buddies after your ride. All wireless with a color display, this is no ordinary cycle computer. When you start incorporating all the parts that make a triathlete or athlete smile. Too boot it is all wireless.
You can:
Navigate Your Ride
Get the Data You Need
See Your Power
Measure Heart Rate and Cadence
Swap Rides Wirelessly
Share, Store and Analyze via Garmin Training Center
All for the price of an iPhone!
Check it out..

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