Thursday, September 27, 2007

Interbike, Cool New, Shinny Toys

Everything you ever wanted to know, see, play with, ride, demo, experience is in Las Vegas, at least for everything biking or outdoor fitness.
You can look at the Interbike Blog or Wired's Blog to get complete coverage of what is going on. There is everything from Ceramic Bearings to Off Road Skates. It is truly amazing to see what changes or new additions that companies make. Orbea Bikes has a amazing redesigned triathlon bike that we will see highlighted at Ironman Kona, they have completely change the layout of the frame from the headtube to the integrated seat clamp.
"Ordu is totally new for 08, every aspect of the new model was evaluated in wind tunnel testing, resulting in a 7% improvement in aerodynamic efficiency over the 07 Ordu. The new headtube is uniquely designed to reduce frontal area. The new seat mast, bottom bracket shell, integrated seat clamp, and aero dropouts show that nothing has been left untouched in making the fastest bike on the road."

The show is made up of curious people to small business owners, independent shops bloggers and whoever is left over fro the night before.
Check it out! INTERBIKE..

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