Friday, November 21, 2008

Tracking technology, Heart, Speed, Calories, for the iPhone

Nice to see that companies are using mobile phones as the "one" device, the Garmin and other GPS systems are become useless as the mobile phones get smaller and smarter.

iTMP Technology, Inc. (iTMP), makers of iSPINNING, iNewLeaf and iRPM have a great solution using the iPhone and a smheart link to bridge the gap between your heart rate monitor and other devices. Allowing it to be stored in one place and view right away.
iSPINNING is a device you use along with your iPhone. SMHEART LINK is compatible with a growing list of products and sensors. SMHEART LINK utilizes ANT+Sport™ technology and iTMP is in the final stages of development with another market leader in heart rate monitor technology. ANT+Sport is a 2.4 GHz wireless network with standardized communication between devices including bike speed sensors, cadence sensors, power sensors and heart rate transmitter belts.
SMHEART LINK™, developed by iTMP Technology, is a wireless bridge that collects data from a variety of health and fitness sensors such as heart rate monitors, cycling speed and cadence sensors and power meters. Sending the data to Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch, SMHEART LINK enables iTMP’s suite of fitness applications, turning your iPhone or iPod touch into the ultimate fitness metrics monitor.
Cheers the SMHEART LINK will be available for the holiday and resolution seasons.