Friday, August 08, 2008

Locate Your Bike, RFID Device

Ok since gas is getting so expensive, more and more are taking to the road via peddle power. Hey this is great for the bike industry, terrible for ole Detroit. Oh well they reap the benefits by over charging and shady salesman. I guess what come around goes around.
Well now we all have to protect our bike, cars have alarms so why should a bike not. Immobilise has come up with a RFID that helps locate your bike, the ImmobiTAG is installed the only way to remove is to cut the bike frame. The TAG has a unique ID number you registered on Immobilies website. If you bike is stolen and recovered, the police can scan the TAG and contact the rightful owner. Great!
The one thing that I would include is a high decibel pitch on the TAG that ties into your lock once the lock is cut the siren goes off. Might help deter some.