Friday, October 10, 2008

Bike Lock Exploding Dye System, just like money packs!

So for years banks have had exploding dye pack. You steal the money and the dye packs disguised as money explode leaving you with a nice colorful appearance. Well now bikes will have that same security, Michael Lambourn has developed the exploding bike lock. This is truly amazing that no one has thought or invented this sooner. This goes in the Brilliant category. Hey if the bike thief does not care about getting inked, surely the people around will take notice. Let's all take our hats off to Mike.

Michael Lambourn presents the Smart Lock: “‘17% of cyclists have suffered bike theft in the last 3 years; of these 24% no longer cycle at all, and 66% cycle less often’ (Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, 1997) Cycle theft is deterring people from using one of the most efficient forms of environmentally friendly transport. It is considered petty theft but can have huge emotional effect on the victim. Smart Lock is lightweight but offers additional protection. It’s quick and easy to use and allows the cyclist to lock both wheels and the frame. If breached, Smart Lock helps the authorities identify your bike, and links the perpetrator to the crime. It also stains the ground identifying areas vulnerable to theft. Smart Lock helps you keep your bike.”