Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Champion Systems, Custom Teamwear!

Getting a triathlon singlet, tri top, shorts can be a pain, but Champion Systems seems to have it worked out. Prices are great and the products are very good. The Running singlet is only $29 (need to have a 10 piece order), hey with a 6-9 month season you really can't beat the price. If you are a club, team, bike shop, dishing out $290 Jelly Belly's is a good thing.
The system is painless, download the credit card PDF, email it back then they open up their ftp server. After you are approved or before you can download all the templates for use in Illustrator, once you have the design down upload and wait 48 hours, once approved the lead time is 4 weeks and express is 2. Easy simple and worth the wait.

Their sales department is top notch, polite and honest.

At these price you really have nothing to lose.