Thursday, September 25, 2008

Victorinox - Rescue Tool - Knife of the Year 2007

Got to love it when old is new again. Victorinox (aka Swiss Army) the original multipurpose tool has done it again by winning the International Knife Award, Rescue Tool was picked among 77 knives from 34 exhibitors coming from 9 countries.
Vicorinox sort of missed the beat in the late 90 with the makers of Leatherman and Gerber making a name for themselves with the multipurpose tool. Now they are great at that and most people that do any sort of outdoors activity has one but look at the older generation and see what they might have laying around bet it is a Swiss Army Knife.
What is nice about this Rescue Tool is that it is small can work with your Ski's and Snowboards. The Rescue Tool has been developed by Victorinox in close collaboration with rescue and safety services. It can be operated with gloves and has luminescent handles. Crate opener and one-hand blade can be locked in place through Liner Lock.
Get back to the original. Victorinox (aka Swiss Army)