Thursday, September 18, 2008

Exercise while you work and get paid!

So exercising while you work, sound great. Well for some this is real, people working from home, call centers and even CEO have joined the trend of theWalkStation. A brisk 1.4 mph can burn up to 500 calories a day and 3-5 miles without breaking a sweat. Sounds great, no more tight muscle, sleepy days or even the need to have that third or forth cup of coffee. Exercise is know to release endorpin's or "runner's high. Hey this is great and instead of installing the play station in the break room get your company on-board to get a Walkstation.
Now of course this needs to be taken to the next level and head off any weight issues before they start. This would be great for high schools. many kids are being "classified" as A.D.D., let a kid that has trouble with their attention span be on one of these during class and let's see the results.
Really anything that keeps one active whether they are running at lunch, working out or walking around the neighborhood is always a good thing, doing it all day some might classify as nuts others as a health alternative to the "the water cooler".