Friday, June 27, 2008

XRtainment Zone

I am all for the Wii fit and anything that will get kids and adults off the coach and doing something physical. Making working out fun has seen a rise in the last couple year. Monkey Bar Gym has done a great job of getting ride of the gym equipment and letting you use your surroundings to get a real workout. So when XRtainment surfaced what more can a kid or adult have to say workout and have fun doing it. With Funding from Robert Wood Johnson and some cool interactive workout machines this could be a huge success.

XRtainment Services
XRtainment Zone will provide its members with a wholesome environment that provides exercise, entertainment, fitness and nutrition counseling, seminars, year round family activities, and healthy snacks and drinks, among others. Most importantly, we will provide a fun and exciting opportunity for our members to form lasting, healthy lifestyle habits at affordable prices. A few of the things our members can look forward to are:
  • Superior Service - Small size allows more intimate and specialized attention to each member;
  • Emphasis on Family - The family that plays together, stays together;
  • XRtainment Games - The latest in video and computer technology;
  • Innovative Wellness Techniques – Tailored individual fitness programs, classes and seminars to treat the multiple causes of lifestyle related illnesses that currently plague modern families and society at large;
  • Dedicated Management Team - Committed to our mission and to our members;
  • Affiliations with Local Universities and Graduate Schools - Providing employees with superior knowledge and skill to assist in fitness and nutrition counseling and studies;
  • Working with Local Healthcare Providers - Creating a referral network for kids and their family members struggling with lifestyle illnesses;
  • Local Ownership - Local family ownership gives local insight and dedication to its community;
  • A Delicious Smoothie Bar; and
  • Safe, Easy and Local access.

Now that's working out!