Friday, June 06, 2008

Clothes That Monitor Your Body!

This really does beat the strap which is troublesome and seems to have trouble reading. The best part is the it integrates with the Polar transmitters, so if you have the system just get the shirt. The only draw back is that they have only three styles and a Triathlon one piece would be great. Just put the shirt on check your watch for the pulse and head out to the gym, bike, run or hike.

Special sensors are knit into the fabric of our seamless athletic apparel. The textile sensors maintain contact with the body, sensing the wearer’s heart rate and relaying it to a tiny transmitter.

The transmitter is snapped into a pocket in the front of the garment. It captures the heart rate data and transmits it to a heart rate monitor watch.

The heart rate monitor watch instantly displays the heart rate for the wearer to see.

Perfect addition to anyones training clothing.