Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ibis Mojo Sl, 4.96 pounds!

Are you kidding, 4.96 pounds for a full suspension, it is amazing. Ibis has a blend of carbon and stainless steel sheath. You have to respect the hours and devotion to making it one of the lightest Mountain frames around.
Features of the MojoSL
  • Sub 5 Pound Frame/swingarm/rear shock (size Large)
  • Complete bike weight 21.9 lbs
  • Ultra high modulus fiber enhanced layup
  • Carbon fiber head cups
  • Carbon fiber dropouts with stainless steel sheath
  • Carbon fiber seat tube insert
  • DT Swiss XR Carbon shock and shock hardware
  • 6-4 Ti fasteners and shock pin
  • Special rubber paint (durable, easy to clean)
  • Carbon monocoque frame and swing arm
  • 5.5" (140mm) rear wheel travel
  • DW-Link Suspension
  • Forged and anodized links (now available in designer colors)
  • Easy to service pivots and bearings
The best is how Ibis talks about the Frame and accomplishments, "We’ve managed to squeeze nearly half a pound out of the original Mojo frame. Not only that, we’ve put our high end kit on a diet, and the results would impress even Jenny Craig (for your Euros and others, Jenny Craig is a weight loss program we have here in the USofA).
The MojoSL with the pimp daddy WTF group weighs in at UNDER TWENTY TWO POUNDS. Yes, you’re reading it right, we’ve now got a 5.5” travel All Mountain or XC bike that weighs 22lbs (Euros, that’s 10Kg!). And we’re not putting any stupid parts on there, parts that you’re just going to take off immediately."