Tuesday, July 29, 2008

NiteRider, see at night!

Gas prices have gone way up, Mini's are sold out for 2009, so bike commuting is getting more popular and summer is coming to an end. Which means it gets darker sooner. Clipping a NiteRider TriNewt to your bars means only one thing, daylight at night, plain and simple. The battery is big and can hold a charge for over 3.5 hours in full mode. Even the old systems from the 1990 are still going strong. If anything breaks just order up a new part.
The TriNewt was designed with cycling specifically in mind. As a result, no ‘off the shelf’ optics are used in the TriNewt.Instead the 3 high-powered LED’s are housed in a custom made reflector to deliver a beam pattern ideal for night riding. The TriNewt incorporates a cluster of 3 high-powered LED’s to achieve a retina searing real world output of 500 lumens! The TriNewt uses a Borofloat lens to greatly minimize light loss, when compared to a traditional glass lens or total internal reflector. A wireless remote version of the TriNewt is available, allowing light control without your hands ever having to leave your handlebars, regardless of where you are mounting your light. This added layer of safety is not found anywhere else. All of these features, combined with regulated run times ranging from 3:30 – 7:00 HRS and a lightweight Li-Ion battery, make the TriNewt the light by which all others are judged.

Now you have no excuses, light is 24/7.