Thursday, July 31, 2008

Invent a Sport, Horney Toad at it again!

Horny Toad has been done a lot of thinking and produce great clothing, so when they sponsor a contest like Invent a Sport people come out of the woodwork.
There are things like Special Sumo Wrestling, Crazy Biking and WiFi Hunting, all these are doable some just a little more crazy then the next. Hey who would have thunk the XGames would have come as far as they have even getting sports like BMX into the Olympics.

Official Rules:
There are hundreds of sports out there with well-defined rules to follow (boring), but we here at Horny Toad, along with the good folks at Instructables, think rules are made to be broken. Horny Toad's mantra, "Everyday is an Adventure" has inspired countless crazy antics like lake biking, chair skiing and trampoline dodgeball - all in the name of fun and why the heck not?

So we're throwing down the challenge to invent your own sport! Make a good one and we'll hook you up with hundreds of dollars worth of clothes!

We want to see some creative new sports from you. The games can be variations on existing sports, but they need to be original. To enter the contest you need to explain how to play the sport to and how to make any custom equipment, if needed. A video showing the game in action is a major bonus, but not required.