Thursday, July 24, 2008

iPlay Jacket

Hey soccer is fun and warming up to your own iTunes library is everyone's dream no matter what sport you do. Well rain or cold weather come hand and hand in England so this type of Jacket was just a matter of time. Soccer, fashion and your music, it doesn't get any better than that. The iPlay jacket is made for iPod and with the finger tip controls you can combine all your moves on the field with the music that you love. This is one of those gotta have products that has you standing out in a crowd.

  • Sleeve forearm joystick controller
  • Ear phone access from control pocket
  • Ear phone loop to keep in place
  • Compatible with: iPod 30/60 & 80GB. U2 iPod. iPod Nano 2/4/ & 8 GB. iPod Nano Red
  • Outer chest and sleeve zippered pocket
  • Bungy sleeves and hem for wind protection
  • Ribbed inner cuff hand warmer with thumb slot for those cold days
  • Built-in thumb holes on cuff
  • Mesh lined
  • Two zippered side seam pocket