Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Each piece in the DemonBell line started individually with an ornamental design inspired from various global and cultural influences. Through extensive testing and evaluation of working prototypes, we have finally produced the fully functional works of art you see here. Each directional weight carries its own unique modifications, from anatomically designed handle grips and specific weight distribution for balance, to specially angled backs to match forearm angles during snatch movements. We designed each DemonBell while paying as much attention to function as we did form.

In blending these ergonomic improvements with the art and tradition of warrior cultures around the globe, we’ve created a new brand, a more performance-oriented bell that truly represents the aggressive and competitive nature of our shared communities—CrossFit, Navy SEAL, Military, Fire Department, Law Enforcement, MMA. You know what it takes to excel in your arena, you know what it takes to dig deep within yourself, to find that motivation to complete that one last rep, that one last step.

We created DemonBells to reflect that mentality, and to inspire you as well as enable you to push yourself even more. There is beauty in movement, elegance in form, and aggression and passion in art. Move and be moved. This is Art in Motion. These are DemonBells.