Friday, September 30, 2011

Carver Bike Surf Racks

Biking to the beach, that is dedication. It also shows the true free spirit, living simply. Well Carver Surf Racks , is dedicated to just that, getting you to the beach, being green. 

All aluminum constructions are the Carver Surf Racks product. Born on the North Shore of Hawaii, Carver Surf Racks has evolved into the industry standard for bicycle, residential surfboard transportation and rack systems. Our new "Kompact System" is a feature not to be overlooked. It conveniently stows your surf rack out of the way when not in use....
 Mounts to Seatposts 25mm to 31.8mm
 Tig welded 6061 Alloy
 Great for Full Suspension Mountain Bikes
CSR Mini Installation
The Carver Surf Rack Mini is small but strong enough for boards up to 8'0". Unlike other brands, this surf rack mounts via the seat post as not to crush, scratch or mar your nice bike frame. Also this feature allows you to mount this surf rack onto mountain bikes, full suspension bikes, and bicycles with unusual frame tube shapes.

Loosen 5mm bolts with 5mm allen wrench
 Open Clamp
 Snug bolts back on clamps around seat post
 Put surf rack on slight angle towards the rear wheel
 Insert carrier arms into clamps
 Adjust carrier arms to desired width and tighten all bolts snugly
Check push pins
Go Surf!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Six Six One Long Sleeve Protection, Subgear Compression

Compression + Padding = Subgear Compression 

In a never ending pursuit of innovation in protection, SIXSIXONE introduces Subgear. Subgear combines the advantages of anti-microbial compression top garment with the protection of Intella-foam and EVA foam. The result is the perfect undergarment for motocross.
  • Mesh window in the upper back area for added breathability
  • SubGear utilizes an anti-microbial 4-Way compression fabric called Dri-Kool.
  • Wicks moisture off skin while keeping the rider cool, even on hot days.
  • Strategic amounts of Intella-Foam are light and absorb sudden hard impacts more than traditional EVA foam four times its thickness.
  • Flat-lock stitching eliminates irritating seams.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Scared and Excited At The Same Time

The fear of falling is definatly present in this video, at the same time you keep wondering how amazing this must feel. 

Experience Zero Gravity from Betty Wants In on Vimeo.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Bike Rack Meets Garage, Not Any More!

Some of have done this, some have done it multiple times and yes the description on the picture is about how you feel. Forget about putting a cone in front when you leave, stickers on the outside of the door as a warning, the Headsup system is your answer. 

Bikes. Kayaks. Roof-rack gear. The HeadsUp System is a new, smarter way to protect them all from getting racked. It's a garage-mounted wireless gear alert system that detects when you return home with gear on the roof. When HeadsUp senses your gear, the system alerts you to STOP - so you don't drive into the garage with your gear still on the roof.

The HeadsUp System is a wireless system that keeps you and your gear from getting racked. Just one distracted moment coming home can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your gear, vehicle and garage, so let the HeadsUp System watch out for you.
The system includes an LED alert sign that mounts in your garage, tiny wireless tags that go on your gear, and a wireless alerter that sits in your vehicle. When you return home with your gear on the roof, the alert sign lights up in your garage and the alerter sounds a tone inside your vehicle - reminding you to stop and unload your gear before driving into the garage!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Simplifying Life, Easy Ride

As everything gets tougher, the one thing that you can count on is being able to tinker with your own car, without any technical gear. Going into the garage turning the key and on goes the car, no checking the electronics, seat belts, airbags, simple..
The Bronco is one of those simple american through back cars or trucks, before they called it an SUV.
ICON4x4Design's 1968 Ford Bronco

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ironman 2011

It is coming and coming fast. As most of us wind down are season so are the pro's, doing last minute races before moving to the island for a couple weeks. Not sure that is such a bad thing, Seems every year more pro's seem to spend a considerably more time on Kona before the race, can't say that I blame them. Spending more time on the island make you more accustom to culture and settings, no food problems hopefully. Note sure how it will all play out the field is stacked and everyone is lining up to be the next champ. Will it be Chrissy or Crowie, who just won his second 70.3 World Title.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

U.S. Needs more H2 Bike Run place.

The U.S.A. needs more H2 Bike Run places.


H2 was created by cyclist commuter Piers Slater who spent 10 years showering and changing in cramped offices and health clubs. Eventually tired of using poor facilities he decided to create a solution.

Cyclist/runner commuters numbers were growing and there was a lack of bike parking or showering/changing facilities for their staff. He saw that a club providing these elements would not only prove attractive to the individual consumer market but could offer a solution for many corporate occupiers. Experts from the fitness and cycle industry were brought together and H2 was born.

The team identified running and cycling as the fasting growing forms of exercise set about being instrumental in promoting outdoor fitness for cyclists and runners. Extras such as cycle repair, retail, dry cleaning and laundry service were introduced as well as running clubs and outdoor circuit training.  Cycling and running is cool and H2 wanted to create a space that people aspired to be part of.
Urban Reef were commissioned to design H2 Soho.  The brief was to create an urban chic club that combined convenience and quality creating a sanctuary for our members. Technology and design ensure the customer can pass through the club as effortlessly and quickly as required or dwell and enjoy the ambience.  Eighteen months of research and design brought together all the best elements of the fitness, hotel and retail sectors to create a truly unique product. The attention to detail in shower, locker and club design has been obsessive at times to ensure our product is the best.  H2 Ride sit at the heart of the club providing the focal point and energy which the rest of the club draws from.

H2 set out to give the member a premium product, a low cost entry level for membership, and, unlike many gyms, a completely transparent pricing policy and no contract.   Slater states, “ Our vision is to create a product that is aspirational but available to all, we will have members who have a base membership at £27.99 and those who take the 5 star service with locker, dry cleaning ecetera, but both will experience, love and appreciate H2 with equal gusto. Customers have the flexibility to tailor H2 to their level of use and budget, that is what really excites us.” Technology has played a key part of this and the bespoke H2 membership system allows customers to manage their account and bookings online. 
Research revealed that most runner/cyclist commuters achieved their aerobic exercise on their journey, but there was a significant number who still required top up training. In response, the team decided to include a Core Conditioning Zone (a gym), a Spinning® studio and treatment room, all providing members with the means to complement their outdoor exercise effectively. He continues, “essentially members carry out their aerobic exercise on the way to and from work and use our gym area for a gym work out. For me it is quite simple I would rather run round Hyde Park with my Ipod and see the sky than be in a hot basement on a treadmill running at a wall and not burning us much calories. Our members get it.”

The team identified that customers were fed up with paying for services in the gym they did not use and seeing the expansion of the budget gyms H2 identified a demand for a niche quality club.  H2'ers pay a low monthly membership fee and buy credits for H2 Ride (£3 per class), Personal Training and Sports Therapy as they go.  The gym and running club are included within the membership price starting from £19.99 per month.  Slater said "it is quite simple, we operate our joining and booking online as far as possible reducing our sales costs and overheads which we pass on to our customers."

Inspired by the Spinning® studios of New York, H2 met with Spin experts Sarah and Sandro Morelli. Their combined vision gave birth to H2 Ride – a dedicated room for Spinners® and cycle training, providing the best Spinning® experience London has to offer and taking the sport to a totally new level.  Sarah Morelli enthuses, "H2 Ride  is awesome, we cater for all levels competence and provide an adrenalin fueled experience which fits into your busy day."  Slater finishes, "H2 Ride is out there, it is such a great fun way to exercise, we are already seeing huge demand and we have plans that will take it to new levels." 
The H2 team want to make a difference to how we commute and work out and invite you to join us on our adventure.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Burn Baby, Burn!

This is one of the best ways to start a fire (on a grill of course).


In Sweden alone, lighter fluid consumption adds up to at least 10 million bottles a year.* This figure does not include disposable grills or petroleum lighter cubes. Since lighter fluid burns at a low temperature it emits a lot of toxic hydrocarbons when ignited. Lighter fluid is based on fossile gasoline and is part of the problem with global warming. Use of lighter fluid and petroleum products in the barbeque always affects the food.

Monday, August 15, 2011

RedSea Watches, the Six Pounder!

It seems as though many more watches are starting to come out, in fact many good looking and functional watches are starting to be wanted and worn. It is great to see RedSea make that transition, plus the price is dead on $695. Done

Inspired by the pirates’ name for cannons, the Six Pounder features rugged construction and unique styling. The hands replicate a cannon with lumed cannon balls. The sweeping Miyota 9015 movement second hand illuminates at the tip – looking like a burning cannon wick as it moves around the dial.

Case: 44mm 316L Stainless Steel (or PVD)
Lugs: 22mm
Height: 14mm
Movement: Miyota 9015 (28,800 BPH)
Lume: LÜM-TEC® (Blue)
Water Resistant: 300M
Crystal: AR Undercoated Sapphire
3 bands included with every watch
5 Link Diver Bracelet, Nato, and Rubber

Available in Stainless Steel or Black PVD

SENNA, in theaters NOW!

Not much to say, whatever type of racing you do Senna captures how you should do it, all out, all the time.

Friday, August 05, 2011


Lafayette, CA (USA) July 25, 2011 – Quickly becoming a leader in the fitness industry thanks to its state-of-the-art facilities, innovative training techniques and revolutionary incorporation of Mixed Martial Arts, UFC® Gym™ announced today that it will begin construction on its latest location in Torrance, Calif. Expected to open in early 2012, the Torrance UFC Gym will be located in the Torrance Promenade at 19800 Hawthorne Blvd. #420. It is the fourth UFC Gym location, with three other locations in Concord, Rosemead and Corona, Calif., respectively.

“We’re excited to break ground on another UFC Gym location in Torrance, California,” UFC President Dana White said. “When we started UFC Gyms, our goal was to raise the bar in the fitness industry. That’s exactly what we’re going to do in Torrance. We’re going to give residents there an amazing lifestyle experience.”

At over 40,000 square-feet, UFC Gym Torrance will feature all of the amenities seen in traditional fitness facilities, plus the cutting-edge training techniques that have helped the brand emerge as an undeniable force in the industry. With MMA programming such as Muay Thai kickboxing, jiu jitsu, self-defense classes, and team-oriented Daily Ultimate Training, as well as one-of-a-kind offerings such as a 32-foot Octagon®, UFC Kid’s Gym Fitness, Octagon Training Disciplines, and High-Octane Conditioning, UFC Gym Torrance will help members of all ages realize results like never before.

“The results people are achieving at UFC Gym are remarkable,” UFC Gym Senior Vice President Adam Sedlack said. “We look forward to providing members of the Torrance community an opportunity to “train different” and change their lives, incorporating something for everyone. From the young adult to the working professional, and everyone in between, UFC Gym provides unique training regimes for all ages and fitness levels.”

Potential members will have an opportunity to join at a reduced rate prior to the facility opening at the UFC Gym enrollment center located in suite 224 of the Torrance Promenade. For more information check out, or call 877-2-UFCGYM. UFC Gym currently has three locations in operation (Concord, CA, Rosemead, CA, Corona, CA), with a fifth in the works, (Honolulu, Hawaii) and plans to continue its rapid expansion. For more information on locations worldwide, visit

About UFC® GYM™
UFC® Gym™ is the first major brand extension of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the all-time industry leader in the sport of mixed martial arts. In alliance with New Evolution Ventures™ (NeV), developers of many of the world’s most successful fitness brands, the UFC Gym brand gives UFC enthusiasts and fitness seekers of all ages the opportunity to practice the training techniques of famed UFC athletes.

Offering a full-range of group fitness classes, private MMA training, personal and group dynamic training, plus MMA style youth programming, UFC Gym creates something for all ages and fitness levels. As the first to combine the world of mixed martial arts and fitness, UFC Gym has developed an atmosphere where members can see immediate results.

UFC Gym is the ultimate fitness experience. The brand is not what you expect, and more than you can imagine, aiming to continue revolutionizing the fitness industry. For more information, please visit

About New Evolution Ventures™ (NeV)
Based in Northern California, New Evolution Ventures (NeV) is a private equity firm focused on the acquisition, development, and operations management of fitness, media and sports entities both domestically and internationally.

Founded in 2008 by Mark Mastrov, Jim Rowley and Mike Feeney, the current team of NeV professionals is shaping the world of fitness, media, and sports one brand at a time. In 2009, NeV partnered with Frank Fertitta, Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White, owners of the Ultimate Fighting Championship®, to launch UFC® Gym™ brands across the United States. To date, there are three UFC Gym sites in California with more facilities expected soon. With a foundation representing over a century of business experience, NeV currently has operations and investments in over 20 countries worldwide. For more information, please visit

About Ultimate Fighting Championship®
Owned and operated by Zuffa, LLC, and headquartered in Las Vegas, Nev., UFC® produces over 12 UFC live Pay-Per-View events annually around the world. UFC programming is distributed in the United States on Viacom, Inc.’s Spike TV and on Comcast, Inc.’s VERSUS network. UFC content is distributed commercially through Joe Hand Promotions in the U.S. and Canadastar in Canada. Globally, UFC programming is broadcast in over 135 countries and territories, reaching 597 million homes worldwide, in 21 different languages.

UFC® also boasts a powerful presence online, with attracting over six million unique visitors per month, while also possessing one of the most powerful social media followings in all of professional sports. To date, UFC has over six million fans on Facebook and nearly 300,000 followers on Twitter. In addition, UFC President Dana White is one of the most accessible and most followed executives in sports with over 1.5 million followers on Twitter. On January 22, 2011, UFC continued to set trends in social media, becoming the first major sports league to stream live, broadcast quality action on Facebook.

Ancillary businesses include the best-selling UFC “Undisputed” videogame franchise distributed by THQ, UFC Gym™, UFC Fight Club affinity program, UFC Fan Expo™ festivals, branded apparel, trading cards, articulated action figures and other media including best-selling DVDs and a bimonthly magazine.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pack Without All The Pockets, Klettersack

Love Simplicity! Pack it up without looking into multiple pockets.


Our classic Klettersack. An ideal travel companion, workmate or pack mule for the daily hike in the hills. We use 1000d Cordura for the exterior and coated pack cloth for an entirely lined inner compartment. Our natural leather lash tabs are perfect for securing extra gear or attaching a bike light.

All of our bags are handmade in our LEED Certified shop here in Colorado.

Dimensions: 12″w x 18″h x 6″d

Materials: 1000d CORDURA® fabric outer with coated pack cloth liner.

Features: Natural leather lash tabs, plastic and metal military spec hardware, heavy duty straps reinforced with seatbelt webbing, inner drawstring closure and zippered top pocket.

Colors: Black, Duck Camo, Olive, Silver, Khaki


Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Simple Solution To A Old Problem

Simple, it is amazing that simple solutions can still be created to old problems. Being without a bottle opener has happened to all of use, try to use your wedding ring, side of a table, even your teeth can have there own problems.
Well easy open, Designer: Gonglue Jiang is the answer.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Niner Bikes

You have to love this bike. Sleek, reminds you of a hard tail and cruiser built into a Niner.

Carbon full suspension from the only 29er only mountain bike company
Patented CVA suspension is efficient in every chainring. You won’t find this design on other bikes.
100mm of race-ready rear suspension
Compatible with 100 - 120mm tapered forks
Custom valved Fox Float RP23 with Kashima coating
Custom forged suspension linkage and unique Niner suspension hardware
Next generation internal cable routing
Precise alloy hardware interfaces for brakes and derailleurs (direct mount front der)
Introducing the Jet 9 RDO, Niner’s first carbon full suspension frame.

The swooping curves and strong lines of this frame began with testing data based on our own and competitor’s products, helping us to determine baseline tube shapes and thicknesses for best performance. Applied to a set of design parameters, this data also drove our targets for strength, stiffness and damping characteristics. The result - an aesthetically striking