Tuesday, September 06, 2011

U.S. Needs more H2 Bike Run place.

The U.S.A. needs more H2 Bike Run places.


H2 was created by cyclist commuter Piers Slater who spent 10 years showering and changing in cramped offices and health clubs. Eventually tired of using poor facilities he decided to create a solution.

Cyclist/runner commuters numbers were growing and there was a lack of bike parking or showering/changing facilities for their staff. He saw that a club providing these elements would not only prove attractive to the individual consumer market but could offer a solution for many corporate occupiers. Experts from the fitness and cycle industry were brought together and H2 was born.

The team identified running and cycling as the fasting growing forms of exercise set about being instrumental in promoting outdoor fitness for cyclists and runners. Extras such as cycle repair, retail, dry cleaning and laundry service were introduced as well as running clubs and outdoor circuit training.  Cycling and running is cool and H2 wanted to create a space that people aspired to be part of.
Urban Reef were commissioned to design H2 Soho.  The brief was to create an urban chic club that combined convenience and quality creating a sanctuary for our members. Technology and design ensure the customer can pass through the club as effortlessly and quickly as required or dwell and enjoy the ambience.  Eighteen months of research and design brought together all the best elements of the fitness, hotel and retail sectors to create a truly unique product. The attention to detail in shower, locker and club design has been obsessive at times to ensure our product is the best.  H2 Ride sit at the heart of the club providing the focal point and energy which the rest of the club draws from.

H2 set out to give the member a premium product, a low cost entry level for membership, and, unlike many gyms, a completely transparent pricing policy and no contract.   Slater states, “ Our vision is to create a product that is aspirational but available to all, we will have members who have a base membership at £27.99 and those who take the 5 star service with locker, dry cleaning ecetera, but both will experience, love and appreciate H2 with equal gusto. Customers have the flexibility to tailor H2 to their level of use and budget, that is what really excites us.” Technology has played a key part of this and the bespoke H2 membership system allows customers to manage their account and bookings online. 
Research revealed that most runner/cyclist commuters achieved their aerobic exercise on their journey, but there was a significant number who still required top up training. In response, the team decided to include a Core Conditioning Zone (a gym), a Spinning® studio and treatment room, all providing members with the means to complement their outdoor exercise effectively. He continues, “essentially members carry out their aerobic exercise on the way to and from work and use our gym area for a gym work out. For me it is quite simple I would rather run round Hyde Park with my Ipod and see the sky than be in a hot basement on a treadmill running at a wall and not burning us much calories. Our members get it.”

The team identified that customers were fed up with paying for services in the gym they did not use and seeing the expansion of the budget gyms H2 identified a demand for a niche quality club.  H2'ers pay a low monthly membership fee and buy credits for H2 Ride (£3 per class), Personal Training and Sports Therapy as they go.  The gym and running club are included within the membership price starting from £19.99 per month.  Slater said "it is quite simple, we operate our joining and booking online as far as possible reducing our sales costs and overheads which we pass on to our customers."

Inspired by the Spinning® studios of New York, H2 met with Spin experts Sarah and Sandro Morelli. Their combined vision gave birth to H2 Ride – a dedicated room for Spinners® and cycle training, providing the best Spinning® experience London has to offer and taking the sport to a totally new level.  Sarah Morelli enthuses, "H2 Ride  is awesome, we cater for all levels competence and provide an adrenalin fueled experience which fits into your busy day."  Slater finishes, "H2 Ride is out there, it is such a great fun way to exercise, we are already seeing huge demand and we have plans that will take it to new levels." 
The H2 team want to make a difference to how we commute and work out and invite you to join us on our adventure.