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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SnowMiner Headlamp/Lantern

This simply small and powerful headlamp is what you have been looking for. Not that you needed another head lamp this one can be converted to a lantern, really we would have never thought of that!

Snow Peak’s new headlamp, the SnowMiner offers a high quality headlamp that easily transforms into a hanging lantern. The backpacker can now light up the trail and the tent in a compact and lightweight solution.  The SnowMiner’s smart and patent pending design allows for the lens to be easily removed with a single hand, converting to an amazing ambient light spanning 180 degrees.  The multi-function, sleek design, and long battery life are all included in this new product, the SnowMiner. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Camera Armor

Protection for phones is a no-brainer, DSLR are another thing, we seem to keep them as is shoot at will. Camera Armor has put a stop to that and made it affordable. $39

If you shoot with a Nikon D80 DSLR, you know the value of keeping your investment safe and secure—whether taking images of a child’s first steps, an auto race, the perfect sunset or a pro assignment. Camera Armor is the lightweight, skin-like covering your camera always wears while you take your D80 anywhere. It’s like an extra insurance policy, safeguarding your gear from bumps, scratches and abrasions. It’s engineered specifically for this popular DSLR model, so you can relax as you shoot, knowing your valuable camera and lens are protected.

The Camera Armor protection system consists of 4 parts:

  • Body Armor: made of elastomeric silicone that fits like a glove over camera body
  • Lens Armor: a rugged, protective ring that protects the delicate camera lens from impact
  • Lens Cap Lanyard: a leash that keeps your lens cap close at hand
  • LCD Shield: made of sturdy polycarbonate that protects the rear LCD screen from smudges, scratches and abrasion

The precise fit covers all of the important parts of your DSLR camera to protect it from impact, abrasion, dust and fingerprints without sacrificing any necessary camera functions. Camera Armor provides true “protection in action” and is uniquely designed so all of the camera controls and access ports are completely functional and accessible. Put Camera Armor on your camera and it’s protected while in a bag, backpack or suitcase, and while you’re getting that perfect shot.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Low Tech Solution, High Tech Design, IT Clips!

You bike, sooner or later you will get a flat, some might fix that flat, after time replacement of that inner tube will be inevitable. Then what, garbage, anti chain slap protection, etc. Well thank to IT Clips has made using those deflated inner tubes useful again.

Millions of inner tubes are tossed into landfills each year. Help decrease our environmental footprint.

Recycle! Re-use your bicycle inner tubes!
Ever needed a bungee cord or tiedown, but never had the right size?

Not a problem with IT Clip and IT Hook fasteners. They’re adjustable and easily linked.

Concerned about tearing clothing with bungee hooks? Not a problem with a couple of IT Clip buckles.

Looking to reduce space and weight while camping? Try carrying IT Hook and IT Clip fasteners instead of rope to tie rainflies, attach sleeping bags to backpacks, and more.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Liquid Image integrated True POV HD Video camera Sports Goggles

Ok, so it does say for MX but really could be used for Skiing as well. You get first person center of the head, video capture 1080 or 720.

he goggle contains a 136 degree (FOV) wide angle lens to capture all the action for all Offroad Sports. The hands free unit has a 5.0 MP camera mode and a video mode that records HD720P video at a rate up to 30 frames per second with audio. The Impact Series HD can hold a Micro SD/SDHC Card up to 32 GB. Product includes a 4GB Micro SDHC card and a Rechargeable Lithium Battery for 1.5-2 hrs in the HD Video Mode. With the use of a micro SD/SDHC card, the camera is capable of recording thousands of photos or hours of HD video and can be downloaded to a computer through the High Speed USB cable provided, or through a Micro SD/SDHC card. The Impact Series Goggles can be customized to fit a variety of single and dual vented lenses for different environments. The lenses are made of an optical Lexan material which is durable and impact resistant and 100% UV protected. The lenses come with an anti-fog treatment and include Iridium lens coating for accurate Light Transmission. The Impact Series Goggles can be converted to a Snow Goggle by changing the lense, nose guard, and strap for Xtreme Sport Action during the Winter.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Technogym, One Great Company!

Technogym is in a world all its own. They are on the cutting edge of how one should use, design, incorporate wellness into ones life. They now have set up shop in NYC, the center, in the Soho neighborhood of New York City, is a one-stop education center, retail location and showroom, according to the company.

"Home wellness products on display include the Kinesis Personal and the Run Personal, the first designed treadmill featuring a 19-inch screen offering Internet, TV and MP3 connection. "

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