Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Vital Monitoring System by Dan Bishop

In my gym there is an area where I can sit down, put a blood pressure cuff on and get my statistics. Nice but how many others have put their sweaty arms in that cuff! This Monitoring system designed by Dan Bishop is aimed at ease of use. With only a few steps to get the reading it really is that simple, plus from the look of it, plastic, which can be cleaned with a disinfecting wipe, nice touch.
How it works:
• First, a baseline vitals reading is taken manually, to reference future readings from.
• Then, whenever a new reading is needed, the patient is informed via light vibration that their vital signs need to be measured and recorded.
• Next, the patient swipes the temperature sensor, located on the bottom of the monitor, across their forehead.
• This activates the blood pressure/pulse sensor on the inside of the monitor, next to the wrist.
• The data collected by both sensors is then complied and sent wirelessly to a paperless charting system that records and logs patients vitals.
All done, reducing stress and work load on staff. Vital Monitoring System
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