Thursday, June 28, 2007

Keeping Track of your Training Online!

There are a truck load of online training programs, from Polar and Nike Plus so when Active Trainer emerges athletes should take notice. Active Trainer is a division of a website that athletes can search and register for events and activities, start online training programs or access nutrition, fitness and training tips.
With Active Trainer you get 24/7 online access to online training tools. Once you buy a training plan it dumps it into a calendar that you can manage.
Active Trainers Tools
• Easy to use calendar
• Detailed reporting
• Helpful training tools
• Daily email reminders (which is great)
You are in complete control of your training data using Active Trainer. Active Trainer gives you the tools to move, copy and delete workouts, add new workouts, and access training plans from the most respected coaches in the industry.
and more... Check it out!

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