Tuesday, June 05, 2007

iPhone and Training is it in Apple?

So the iPhone has released the date June 29, and I can't wait, now how are they going to work the Nike Plus into this little puppy, if they even have too. If or when they can connect the two boy will things get interesting, or should I say more interesting. A GPS, Google maps, Nike Plus tracking your millage, Map My Run so you have a place to store your runs and share with friends and community, wow I am sure I could keep going. Also they are opening it up to outside developers, so my idea of Virtual Tri can really take off (if you are interested in learning more, contact me at usiskin(Youknow)healthcurrency.com).
So embrace this new standard set by Steve Jobs and the team at Apple, if anything love 'em, hate 'em, they have set the new standard many are trying to catch. From here on in how we store information and communicate and listen to music has changed.

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