Friday, June 15, 2007

Well now that Web 2.0 or Mashup has started to take off (not sure why now since bloggers have been doing this for quite sometime), sites like need to step it up a little. It is OK to tell us where the races are but when you have sites like Trimapper showing you where the races are, links to the website, hotels and a brief description of what type of triathlon is going on, all via Google maps. Now Trimapper get updates daily so if you do not see one that you know is coming up, go and add to their site.
About - Visual Triathlon Finder & Directory., the ultimate triathlon directory is providing a triathlon map that will help you locate local triathlon races or triathlons around the world. is powered by Google Maps to plot the races of all types. You are able to filter the triathlons by race distance/type (Ironman, Olympic, Sprint, Xterra,...), by race month, position the map on a geographical location, find near by hotels for each triathlon and automatically zoom in to the race site with a single click. The site currently has over 1100 triathlon races plotted on 6 continents from 54 countries.

As for Trimapper if they would like to team up with my idea Virtual TRI, I would gladly work with them. Well lets hope a meeting of the minds take place, until them use this site it's great and highly resourceful!

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