Monday, April 01, 2013

LoopAlien - Rapid Cord Attachment by David — Kickstarter

LoopAlien - Rapid Cord Attachment by David — Kickstarter: LoopAlien - Rapid Cord Attachment
The size is nice, from the initial images it looks larger. This is a must have make cinching up on a line easy and simple.  

The LoopAlien is very easy to use as shown in the video and pictures. To adjust, simply release the tension on the cord and reposition. Once the tension is reapplied the LoopAlien will hold fast. This small, efficient design has been tested to well over 100 pounds using a 1.75 mm cord with no slipping. In fact, the more tension you put on the rope, the more the LoopAlien grips it. The LoopAlien works with cords all the way up to paracord size. The 1.75 mm cord is easier to adjust than the larger paracord sized cords.