Wednesday, April 17, 2013

SmartCrossbars™, Easy and Fast!

SmartCrossbars™, manufactured right here in the USA, make it fast and easy to put any attachments like boxes, bike racks and ski racks onto your vehicle.  Thanks to the patent pending quick release system, you can change out components in literally a couple of seconds instead of minutes and hours with Yakima® and Thule® crossbars.
SmartCrossbars™ fit right into the towers made for round Yakima® or square Thule® crossbars.  If you’re buying a new rack, get the recommended towers for your vehicle, and buy SmartCrossbars™ that are at least the width of those they recommend.  If you have an existing rack, just replace the existing crossbars with SmartCrossbars™.
This system is made of extruded, 6065 aluminum and CNC machined for precision. Top that all with military spec hard anodizing and you have a product that is built to work flawlessly and stand up to the elements for decades!