Friday, January 07, 2011

Wearable Safety

Safety is seen in many different ways, but when it is worn and not seen even better. MCDAVID TECHNOLOGY is doing just that by covering up your protection and making it functional. Compression shorts provide a performance advantage. Compression material keeps the major muscles of the legs warm, decreasing the loss of energy from unnecessary motion and vibration, and reduces muscle fatigue and cramping. They have something called HexPad, what is hexPad;

Hexpad® Technology is a patented padding system that permanently bonds dozens of individual athletic pads into fabrics. Because the pads are individually applied, they move with and conform to the body for continuous protection that isn't bulky or restricting like other pads on the market.

Hexpad® is even machine washable allowing the development of a new generation of apparel that incorporates protection right into undershirts and pants, unlike anything seen before.

Hexpad® Technology allows the replacement of your existing undershirts, pants, and pads with true performance products.