Thursday, January 13, 2011

Swiss Room Box

Leave it to the Swiss to make travel a bit more civilized. SwissRoomBox has come up with a product that compartmentalizes are your stuff. Pick a box and it might be a shower, another might be a sink.

Have you ever dreamt of carrying your home in the boot of your car?
swissRoomBox is the solution!

1 Product - 1 Size - 1 Model
This is true for most cars belonging to the categories: Compact cars, Station Wagons, Ludospaces, Monospaces, 4x4, Mini-Vans.
No extra tuning nor modification of the cars is needed! *

Four basic practical and intelligent modules, each of them having alone or combined, its functionality.
The swissRoomBox deploys its multiple facets by revealing the kitchen, the shower with the luxury of hot water, the table with its variable sizes and the sleeping room with panoramic view !