Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hindsight 30

Many times you wonder why things take so long, well I guess since it takes so song this is a good thing, even great.

Cerevellum is the ultimate riding companion that allows a cyclist to clearly see what is behind them without rotating to look or using cumbersome clip-on mirrors. Potential hazards can be all around you, but now you can keep your focus on what's ahead. In competition, just imagine how nice it would be to know that you're gapping the peloton.

A 3.5" Transflective LCD display is featured for easy viewing in direct sunlight. It is illuminated for low-light conditions.

The Micro-Camera Lens with Integrated LED Tail-Light is attached directly to the seat post. The streamlined design affords a clean, integrated aesthetic. The tail-light can be set to steady on, flashing, or off.