Monday, August 31, 2015

New Tri Bikes

SlowTwitch kills it again with their review of the newest stuff coming into 2016!
The tri bike landscape is shifting. I hope that's clear. Companies are making some very fast framesets and by that I mean frames, forks, seat posts and brakes, though sometimes that means brakes you have to buy and retrofit to the bike to bring out the frame's best performance. But that's kind of fun in a way. We don't make motorcycles, where what you buy is pretty much what you ride. We make bicycles, and they are made to be fiddled with. 

I'm excited by the new generation of tri bikes but I am also frustrated waiting for the aftermarket to catch up. Can I list both the products that I can't find, that somebody ought to make, as well as further frame ideas sitting out there waiting to be developed?