Sunday, July 30, 2006

Profile Design Aerodrink Water Bottle

With all the technology improvements that have been made with about almost everything, I wonder how Profile Design missed the mark with the Aerodrink water bottle. Now when I first bought this water bottle I thought, hey this seem like a great idea open top and a yellow splash guard poly web plug to keep the liquid in. On my very first ride it came out over a bump, after I picked it up I thought that there must be something that I have done wrong, shame on me. Well after reading the instruction again and again, I came to the conclusion that I must have missed placed it in the bottle. Well second time out, bump, out it pops, so I pick it up and now just stuff it fully in and for the rest of the ride it worked great. Along comes the New York Triathlon and off I go up the Henry Hudson Highway, and proceed south on the Mosholu, when all I see all over the road are little yellow splash guard poly web plug, I laughed and laughed the guy next to me thought I must be nuts. My point is with all the testing that companies do before releasing products you would think, hey this might be a problem. Profile Design really missed the mark on this one, what a shame.

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