Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Martin Keen is back: Miön Footwear

I noticed these shoes won an award from IDEA/Business Week, "The Best Product Design of 2006", then I noticed the name Martin Keen. Can this be the same person of the famous sandals company Keen Footwear, yes it is! He sold out a couple years ago and has been sailing ever since. Instead of starting another company he teamed with Timberland Co., which allows them to get into the water sports division. They have a hit, these shoes are every bit of what his original shoe was even better The Miön.
"It demands equipment; not fashion. It demands product that works. So with this new brand, I wanted to take advantage of some technology that has been used in other aspects of footwear, which is injection molded EVA. So I took that material and then incorporated a patented lacing system that I developed that produces a number of parts in the product and actually transfers a lot of the structure to this lacing system. The lacing system is actually a climbing-grade chord that travels all around the shoe several times and even around the back. So the lacing becomes a structural part of the product. One synch and the entire product closes around your foot. The primary target (for the product) was amphibious athletes, or people who like to experience their adventure around water. "
Check them out! Miön

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