Friday, October 27, 2006

Burton, Audex Push To Talk Jacket

Burton has done it again, they have really hit the music in motion just right. Knowing their market and working with the top company Motorola. With the Audex they not only combined the ipod, but now Burton has incorporated Push-to-Talk, Two-Way Radio System. This is great and have really pushed the limits. The price is a different thing, whoever said technology doesn't cost these are $400. Hey if you hold onto it for more than a year it could see the justification. Targeting snowboarders who want to listen to music and take/make calls while on the slopes, the jacket has a set of controls in its left-hand sleeve which connect to a set of speakers and a microphone concealed in the hood. Bluetooth connect wirelessly to the Speaker and Micophone.
check it out!Burton

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