Thursday, March 30, 2006

DARTFISH: Capture, Visual Feedback and analyze your performance

If you watched the Olympics then you saw this technology, DARTFISH- The home of sports video training. If you have a PC, video camera, and the Dartfish software anyone can improve the way they swim, bike, golf, swing, run, basically any form of sport that you which to excel at! The software lets you create a library of your actions, then at any point you can compare the two and see where your swing changed, your stroke or running stride. In the winter Olympics this year NBC used it on the downhill and compared the runs from one skier to the next and you could see the different lines, tucks and skiers position. For the weekend warrior looking to improve their performance this can be a simple solution. Personally I think that all gyms should carry this feature, it could be a hug increase in members paying extra to see how they are really doing against others or themselves.
Check it out! DARTFISH

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