Monday, April 24, 2006

SweatVac performance Race Hat

WOW this thing really work I finally got my USA Triathlon SweatVac Performance Race Hat - in black and I am extremely satisfied. I read about it in the last issue of USA Triathlon so I thought I would give it a try. It has performed better than expected. Light, certified 40+ UPF sun protection, reflective technology, 100% machine washable and less than 2 oz.. "SweatVac products are engineered and designed using a unique blend of the finest technical fabrics. The SweatVac System is a multi-layer system which places Transpor fabric against your skin and wicking layers on the outside. Simply put, SweatVac is the finest athletic perspiration management system available. The SweatVac System allows your body's temperature regulating system to work efficiently, so you can perform at your peak, whatever the weather, humidity or activity level."
Check it out! SweatVac

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